5 These Korean Actresses Still Stunning Beautiful Despite Wide-Open Mouth Scene in Drama

Kapanlagi.com – Korean actresses always give an attractive appearance in every drama they play. In addition to being able to give a beautiful and attractive appearance, it turns out that these actresses can also remain confident when portraying scenes with their mouths wide open while shooting dramas.

They are not shy and still look beautiful despite doing it. These actresses remain confident with the scenes they do with totality. Who are the Korean actresses? Reporting from various sources, here are 5 Korean actresses who are still beautiful even with their mouths wide open in a drama scene.

1. Jun Ji Hyun

The first Korean actress who still looks beautiful despite acting with a wide mouth is there Jun Ji Hyun. This one actress is indeed famous for her confident and professional appearance despite doing quite embarrassing filming scenes.

Many scenes or romantic comedy genre drama scenes that require Jun Ji Hyun to open his mouth wide, but even so he still looks beautiful and also entertaining. Even excessive and funny acting done by Jun Ji Hyun became one of the things that made him even more famous.

2. Jung So Min

This beautiful and cute actress is also included in one of the actresses who is still beautiful even though her mouth is wide open in a drama scene. Many fans like how when Jung So Min do a funny scene in a drama THE SOUND OF YOUR HEARTS in 2016. Jung So Min successfully played his hilarious role together with the actor Lee Kwang Soo.

Not only succeeded in acting funny, Jung So Min at that time also had to act laughing with a strange voice followed. But even so, Jung So Min succeeded in making others laugh because of the strange sound he did when he burst out laughing.

In drama THE SOUND OF YOUR HEARTS also Jung So Min can also match Lee Kwang Soo very well. So that he successfully played his hilarious role with a wide-open mouth scene that can shake your stomach.

3. Park Min Young

Park Min Young became one of the Korean actresses who also remained beautiful despite acting with her mouth wide open on her face. Many romantic comedy dramas that have been played by Park Min Young and managed to keep the audience entertained.

Not only the funny scenes that are embarrassing, but there are also scenes of laughter with wide open mouths that must be done by Park Min Young. Like in dramas WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY SECRETARY KIM or drama HER PRIVATE LIFE which requires Park Min Young to act silly and also be entertaining.

But even so Park Min Young still looks pretty with all her silly behavior. Many fans also liked Park Min Young’s silly acting and made her one of the favorite women in comedy acting.

4. Song Ji Hyo

Korean actresses who are still beautiful despite doing scenes with their mouths wide open are there Song Ji-Hyo. This actress is always able to act well and professionally when she has to laugh out loud and also act silly.

There are some scenes of Song Ji Hyo that require him to laugh with a wide mouth and ridiculous behavior, there are also scenes that require him to scream and get angry with his mouth wide open. Besides drama, Song Ji Hyo also participated in Korean reality shows RUNNING MAN, the event certainly entertains and presents many funny scenes.

Of course Song Ji Hyo also gave an extraordinary appearance in the reality show. That’s why many people like Song Ji Hyo as a woman who is funny, silly, and who she is.

5. Lee Hyeri

And Korean actresses who are still beautiful even though their mouths are wide open when shooting there scenes Lee Hyeri. Become a successful actress who plays her role in the drama REPLY 1988 made Lee Hyeri much loved by Korean drama fans.

Not only can make drama REPLY 1988 success, but Lee Hyeri also succeeded in keeping the audience entertained by his silly actions. Lots of scenes inside REPLY 1988 which shows how Lee Hyori acted silly and required him to have a scene with his mouth wide open.

This drama was also a drama that was quite successful by Lee Hyeri, and became one of the dramas that brought his name to be increasingly known in the Korean film world. His totality and confident acting made him successfully bring a silly scene that entertained many viewers.

That’s 5 Korean actresses who are still beautiful despite acting with their mouths wide open. Doing silly scenes in totality to entertain the audience, making these beautiful women very well liked and appreciated by many drama viewers, not only in Korea but also internationally.

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