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In dozens of professional areas it is important to master the keyboard of a computer. Being able to quickly and competently deliver different jobs not only saves time, but also presents dynamism on the part of the person. If you’re looking to develop this kind of skill, check out five sites to train typing in the lines below.

Check out websites to train typing (Image: Unsplash / Daniel Thomas)

1. Agile Fingers

Agile Fingers website (Image: Reproduction)
Agile Fingers website (Image: Reproduction)

With clear instructions, Agile Fingers is a site to train typing entirely in Portuguese. Right off the bat, it allows the user to create a word-by-minute goal for themselves, which can be from the easiest to the hardest. Thus, the site itself directs you in the exercises focusing on this development.

The tests and activities are intense, but I found them a lot of fun. It makes you want to keep practicing, even if you’ve already met the requirements for other tasks. In terms of games, the site offers only two uninteresting options. Even so, I really enjoyed the time I spent practicing.

2. Ratatype

Ratatype website (Image: Reproduction)
Ratatype website (Image: Reproduction)

If you’re looking for something simpler and more straightforward, the Ratatype typing training site might be a good alternative. The layout doesn’t stand out, but it’s fully functional and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. It is worth mentioning the articles presented that help and answer students’ doubts.

I liked the form of the test that brings a long paragraph for typing. The classes have a game option which is not very fun, which made me prefer the standard form. What I liked the most about the site was the scoring system that offers a type of coin to customize your page. In addition, you can share your progress on social media.

3. Sense Lang

training typing
Sense Lang website (Image: Reproduction)

With a smaller amount of activities for those who want to train typing on the computer, the Sense Lang website offers a range of languages ​​for the user to practice. The layout is too simple, but there is a lot of advertising scattered around. Even before starting a task, you have to wait for an announcement video.

The practice options are satisfactory. There are tutorials, tests and tips. Nothing too amazing, but it helps a lot who wants to study. The highlight, in my opinion, is the games. There are about eight fun and dynamic options, a great choice for the competitive type.

4. TypingClub

training typing
TypingClub official page (Image: Reproduction)

Unfortunately, it is important to start this part by stating that there is no option for Brazilian Portuguese on the TypingClub website. By bringing videos, the lack of our language can be missed by some people. Portuguese from Portugal ends up being the only alternative.

In terms of tasks and classes, this website to train typing focuses on a more locked-in progression system. It is necessary for the student to go through each class, regardless of their level. In this way, the page ends up being more aimed at beginners.

The other lesson plans are smaller, but they help a lot for those who just want to practice. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the only way to maintain a progression is to register for free on the site.

5. TypingTest

TypingTest official page (Image: Reproduction)
TypingTest official page (Image: Reproduction)

The last site for training typing on this list is entirely in English. There is no option to change the language to Brazilian Portuguese, which may alienate some people. On the other hand, TypingTest offers several practice activities, allowing users of different levels to ensure their development.

My favorite part is “Tricky Keys”, which focuses on certain lyrics and requires a lot of focus from the student to not make too many mistakes. The games section ends up directing the person to other sites, something that can be annoying. Overall, it’s an interesting alternative, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for practice.

There is no shortage of options to train typing in Internet computing. Now that you know five free alternatives, tell us which site to start with!

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