5 Simple Reasons Happy People Become Nosy Netizens, Are You Included?

Although not all, most of them netizens indeed known to like to comment blurted out and frontal. Especially in a potentially viral and controversial upload, netizens will immediately invade the upload simultaneously.

No matter whether an upload offends people, they can freely express their opinions without limits. Here are a few simple reasons why most people who use virtual media feel happy to be netizens nosy.

1. Most people are usually more focused on other people’s problems


Most humans are usually more interested in commenting on other people’s problems than their own lives. Especially if the object being commented is at odds with his opinion, he will be free to express himself through a comment.

Instead of thinking about his own life, he was even more focused giving more attention to other people’s problems.

2. Feeling has the most correct opinion and judgment

5 Simple Reasons Happy People Become Nosy Netizens, Are You Included?youngisthan.in

Just the name netizens, they will usually feel that all ideas and thoughts are the most correct opinions. When he saw an upload discussing a particular theme, he would put out all the power he had to comment.

Not only contain cynical and cynical comments, some of them also not infrequently provide wise advices but from their own personal point of view.

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3. Get personal satisfaction after giving comments

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5 Simple Reasons Happy People Become Nosy Netizens, Are You Included?Pixabay.com/gracinistudios

Most of netizens also will usually get personal satisfaction after commenting on certain uploads. This satisfaction will usually be accompanied by further comments on other uploads which he considers more interesting.

The personal satisfaction that he feels is obviously artificial so that he will continue to provide terror of brutal comments.

4. There are certain people who “itch” if they don’t comment

5 Simple Reasons Happy People Become Nosy Netizens, Are You Included?Pixabay.com/rawpixel

There are also some netizens who feels “itchy” if at one time he doesn’t vent his guts on a social media upload. Just don’t leave a comment a day, netizens this one will feel like his life is lacking.

Feeling uncomfortable when not commenting will make him happy to be a person netizens.

5. He does not realize that there are others who also comment on his life

5 Simple Reasons Happy People Become Nosy Netizens, Are You Included?Pixabay.com/StockSnap

When a social media user comments on other people’s uploads, there are actually many people who comment on their lives at that time.

Like seeing dirt in someone else’s eyes, dirt in his own eyes did not concern him at all. He did not realize that his own life was even more worthy of comment from the upload of social media that he commented on.

Well, it’s fine to be netizens by commenting on some uploads on social media. But remember, always give positive comments, do not attack, offend SARA, let alone dwarf certain groups. Sounds cliché, but don’t be bored to always be wise in social media, huh?

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