5 Signs You Are ‘Addicted’ to Suffering, Never Want!

Who would love suffering? If you ask this, you will spontaneously answer, don’t like it, right? However, in reality there may be people who ‘like’ or even ‘addicted’ to suffering.

Why, how could this happen? Well, actually this is not a feeling of liking or addiction that arises but the actions of that person as if he is enjoying the suffering. So instead of getting confused and curious, we should consider the following review.

1. You still maintain a feeling of hate, even though you already feel the bad effects

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Actually, when we hate other people or certain things also require considerable energy, you know. To prove this, try to remember your feelings when you hate. How does it feel? it’s likely that an uncomfortable feeling will emerge as if you were draining your energy.

Both physically and mentally will also feel the negative effects, especially if done for a long period of time. So, you should never maintain a feeling of hate, especially if you already feel the bad effects. It might not be easy at first, but rest assured that you can handle this well.

2. Complaining makes you uncomfortable, but you keep doing it

5 Signs You Are 'Addicted' to Suffering, Never Want!pexels.com/Andrea Piacquadio

An easy life will be difficult when someone accustomed to complaining. Life that is considered difficult will also increasingly difficult when someone accustomed to complaining. Yes, complaining will cause uncomfortable feelings even though you may not realize it.

This is something that needs to be realized immediately so that it does not become an ‘enjoyment’ of suffering. In general, almost everyone knows that the habit of complaining is not a positive habit. Yes, the temptation to complain is often unbearable when the situation is not as expected. But don’t worry, you can change it as long as it’s accompanied by a strong determination.

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3. Letting yourself continue to feel worse when there is a desire that is not achieved

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5 Signs You Are 'Addicted' to Suffering, Never Want!pexels.com/Mike Greer

Feelings of disappointment that arise when there is a desire that is not achieved is a natural and human thing. However, the feeling of disappointment will become unnatural when we allow those feelings to dominate and affect us negatively.

The feelings of disappointment should not be nurtured and make us feel worse. Because, we need to realize that the desires that we want to realize are not necessarily important needs that are good and useful. Try to see the positive side of the desire that is not achieved. Contemplate and be grateful for this so that the feelings become more calm and peaceful.

4. Letting other people’s bad words interfere with your happiness

5 Signs You Are 'Addicted' to Suffering, Never Want!pexels.com/Andrea Piacquadio

Many people say that if he wants to be happy, then why does he often let himself suffer because of other people’s bad words? It’s important to realize that we can’t control what other people say to us, but we have complete control over what we want to say.

Don’t mind the bad words of others who are not useful. Don’t let your happiness be interrupted by other people’s words that aren’t necessarily true. Precisely the most important is how we can direct the focus on things that are good and beneficial for self-development. Agree?

5. Keep looking for justification rather than trying to solve the problem

5 Signs You Are 'Addicted' to Suffering, Never Want!unsplash.com/Eutah Mizushima

Problems often cause undesirable suffering. However, why does it seem like there are still people out there who allow themselves to continue to suffer along with the problems he experiences?

The existing problems do need to be resolved and not to be avoided by seeking endless justification. Remember, you also have the right to be happy in a better and positive way. So, take important lessons from the problem and focus on solving existing problems according to your ability.

So, all the signs above are actually intended to remind ourselves of how often we feel the pain caused by the things we do ourselves. So after knowing the signs above, hopefully your awareness and wisdom will increase to be able to respond properly to the things that happen in life. May be useful!

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