5 Rules of Death Note Successfully Utilized by Light Yagami

Death Note is a book belonging to the Shinigami (God of Death), which has supernatural powers in which the book can kill anyone by writing the name of the victim. Death Note has absolute power, where anyone can die if his name is written in this book.

Although this book has enormous power, there are some rules that must be followed by its users. Some rules may sound reasonable and can be useful for Death Note users, but there are also some rules that sound strange and harm users. Even so, it can still be used by Light to launch his plans. The following are 5 Death Note rules that were successfully exploited by Light Yagami. Check out the following review.

1. Rules regarding other Death Note users


Death Note users are given special powers where they can prevent showing the rest of their lives to Shinigami Eye users. Although it sounds not very useful, Light uses this advantage very well.

When Light surrendered his Death Note ownership to his father, Light no longer had any connection with the Death Note because his memory had been erased. Then, Light’s father, Soichiro, exchanged half his life for Shinigami Eyes.

When Soichiro was about to die, he could see the remaining age of his son, Light. That way, Soichiro can die peacefully and believes that Light is not Kira.

2. If the user gives or loses his Death Note

5 Rules of Death Note Successfully Utilized by Light Yagamideathnote.fandom.com

If someone gives or loses their Death Note, that person’s memory of the Death Note will be deleted. This is absolute and cannot be avoided by anyone, even by a genius of Light. Therefore Light decided to take advantage of this, instead of avoiding it.

To reduce L’s suspicion of Light, Light decides to discard one of his Death Notes and give another Death Note to others. While the killings continue, Light can clear his name because he knows nothing about the Death Note.

3. There are only 6 Death Notes

5 Rules of Death Note Successfully Utilized by Light Yagamiaminoapps.com

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In the Death Note it is written that there are only 6 Death Notes that can be lowered to earth and used by humans. If the seventh Death Note appears, all of the Death Notes will not function before one of the Death Notes is discarded or withdrawn by the Shinigami.

Light can be very dangerous by only having one Death Note and far more dangerous when he gets a second Death Note. Light can use two Death Notes to launch plans such as giving one Death Note to someone who will be his accomplice, to deceive the investigation team by writing false rules.

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4. Age limit

5 Rules of Death Note Successfully Utilized by Light Yagamiquirktastic.co

Even though the power of Death Note is absolute and can kill anyone, there are some people who can survive the power of this book. Death Note refuses to kill babies under 780 days old. Not only that, the Death Note also refused to kill parents who were 124 years old and above.

Fortunately, this regulation is not a problem for Light. Light has no enemies that are aged in the exception. So, this regulation has no effect on Light’s plans.

5. Death must make sense

5 Rules of Death Note Successfully Utilized by Light Yagamideathnote.fandom.com

All deaths caused by the Death Note must be logical. Death Note users can indeed control their victims before their victims die at the specified time, but it must also be done by the victims.

Death Note users cannot make their victims do the impossible, such as going around the world a few minutes before their death. If the victim cannot die in the manner written in the Death Note, then the victim will die of a heart attack.

Knowing this regulation, Light conducted an experiment using prisoners. This he did to find out how possible he could control his victims, so he could take advantage of this regulation in the future.

That’s the 5 strangest Death Note rules that successfully exploited by Light. Light is indeed a very genius character, he can use all things to launch his plans. What do you think?

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