5 reasons to give Venom: Time of Carnage a chance

Venom: Time of Carnage hit theaters across Brazil in October last year. Four months later, the feature is now available in major online stores for purchase or rent. However, many people still ask themselves: is it worth watching the new movie of the character of Marvel?

My Series listed five reasons for you to check out the film, which promises to be the gateway to a new cinematic universe in Spider man. Check out:

1. Breathtaking special effects

Just like in the first movie, Venom: Time of Carnage stands out for the quality of the special effects. The character transformation and the interaction between Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and the symbiote is jaw-droppingly worthy. The same goes for the villain Carnage and the alien that inhabits his body.

To top it off, the numerous action scenes also impress for the visual details, both for the production and for the real effect that passes.

2. The beginning of a new universe for Spider-Man

(Spoillers Alert)

the new movie of Venom consists of a series of films, among heroes and villains already known in Spider-Man’s stories, where each of these characters may be present at some point, in the different features that will be produced. Something similar to what was done by Disney with The Avengers from Marvel.

Furthermore, Venom: Time of Carnage There’s a post-credits scene that makes it very clear. It brings the character watching Peter Parker’s reveal as Spider-Man as he licks the screen and says he’s interested in meeting the hero.

Morbius is a movie that will expand the Spider-Man Universe and that may have the participation of VenomSource: Marvel

Finally, we will also have the arrival of the movie Morbius, another character that will be part of this universe. The film has the confirmed participation of the character Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, and who was also the villain of the first Spider-Man movie with actor Tom Holland. To complete, according to rumors, the presence of Venom is certain in this film.

3. The sarcastic humor

One of the outstanding features in the first film is the good dose of humor, especially in the dialogues between Eddie and the symbiote. The formula is repeated in the second feature, since now the relationship between the two is more established and both are already treated as partners in action, even if they are still full of differences.

Venom: A Time for Carnage features fun scenes between Eddie Brock and the symbioteVenom: A Time for Carnage features fun scenes between Eddie Brock and the symbioteSource: Twitter

So, get ready to have a good laugh with Tom Hardy’s character, which ends up giving a different atmosphere from the comics, where the presence of the villain Carnage is loaded with violent and heavy elements for younger fans.

4. Presence of one of Marvel’s most beloved characters

Although many treat Venom as a villain, since his first solo film, the character has shown a greater tendency to be an anti-hero. That was enough for him to win the favor of the public, who are hoping that one day he can sew a partnership with Spider-Man and other Marvel characters.

Venom is one of the most beloved characters in the Spider-Man universe in comics.Venom is one of the most beloved characters in the Spider-Man universe in comics.Source: Disclosure

Additionally, Venom’s presence further expands the rich Marvel universe. In other words, it’s one more reason to insert characters from Spider-Man’s comics, without the obligation to be exclusive to the hero’s films.

5. The Villain’s Arrival: Carnage

Often considered to make his big screen debut in a Spider-Man movie, Carnage ended up appearing in Venom’s second feature. The villain is one of the most cruel and feared in the comics, which made him remarkable in history, and yielded memorable participations in games and animations that expand the character’s narratives.

Carnage is one of the most famous villains in Marvel comics.Carnage is one of the most famous villains in Marvel comics.Fonte:  IMDb

So, after many, many years of waiting, your chance has come to see the villain in action. He is played by one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Woody Harrelson, who completely transformed himself to live the character in the movies, to the point of dyeing his hair red, in the same way that the assassin Cletus Kasady uses in the original comics stories.

After these five reasons, it’s hard not to watch the movie, isn’t it? So enjoy, as Venom: Time of Carnage is available for purchase or rent on the country’s main streaming services, such as Google Play Movies and Apple Store.

And you, do you have another reason to watch the movie? Tell us here in the comments.

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