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Managing all your work, followers and even making the next plans is something that takes a lot of time. Even so, all this is necessary to increase your audience and gain more prominence. Thinking about it, I separated five platforms focused on giving that strength to influencers and brands. Check it out with me in the following lines.

Use platforms to support your work (Image: Unsplash / Mateus Campos Felipe)
Use platforms to support your work (Image: Unsplash / Mateus Campos Felipe)

1. Digital Influencers

Digital Influencers page (Image: Tecnoblog)
Digital Influencers page (Image: Tecnoblog)

With clients such as Renner and Centauro stores, Digital Influencers promises to help both influencers and brands through experts and a lot of technology. The company claims to make constant use of data analysis to suggest the best paths and choices for constant growth.

The company does periodic mapping to reach the brand’s target audience. In addition, they do all the management from the briefing to the results. For a person who is already a digital influencer, it is possible to register on the site to become a partner of the platform.

2. Influency.me

Influency.me website (Image: Tecnoblog)
Influency.me website (Image: Tecnoblog)

Promising to do the hardest part of the job, Influency.me directs its resources towards both brands and digital influencers. The company says it uses a card with metrics from the circle of each influencer. Data such as total reach, resonance, biography, age group and gender of followers are some of the highlights.

From there, management is done by the platform. She uses the IRS (Automatic Relationship Score) to get the job done and help the project grow as a whole. Finally, it is worth highlighting the strategic consultancy that helps in the brand’s decision-making.

3. Kuak

platform for influencers
Kuak homepage (Image: Tecnoblog)

Introducing great practicality when registering (also known as “kard” here), Kuak is a platform that wants to make the influencer’s day-to-day easier. Its features present definitions of segments, demographics and the performance of your work.

Thus, the brand has frequent access to statistics in real time. Number of views, engagement, clicks, etc. All this is presented for constant improvement and development before the followers. Companies like Ocean Drop and Karsten are part of Kuak’s customers.

4. Squid

platform for influencers
Squid website (Image: Tecnoblog)

Offering more than 70 types of metrics to support brand decisions, Squid claims to have a unique methodology called the “Journey of Influence”. With it, the company intends to find the right people to present the product and thus achieve greater engagement.

From the awareness part to the performance results, the platform’s intention is to make the brand frequently seen through the right influencers. In addition, there is a periodically updated blog called “Clube da Influence” which aims to discuss and exchange ideas within the Squid circle.

5. Upfluence

platform for influencers
Upfluence official page (Image: Tecnoblog)

Being the only option that requires knowledge of the English language, Upfluence is one of the most used in the world. The company promises to help brands leverage their products through campaign management, event management and even a redesign of the entire identity.

From there, metrics such as engagement, followers and awareness become part of the daily life of both the brand and the influencer. Upfluence also offers resources such as a blog, ebooks and webinars to develop your customers. However, it is worth remembering that by charging in dollars, the costs are higher than the other options on this list.

Choosing the platform for influencers and brands that best fits your project requires a lot of attention and research. Did you already know the ones mentioned in this article? Tell us!

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