5 Mindset that You Must Avoid If You Want To Get Overseas Scholarships

Studying abroad with scholarships is still the dream of many Indonesians. If you manage to get a full scholarship, you don’t need to worry about tuition and living expenses while living abroad. You can focus on studying later.

Unfortunately, getting a scholarship is often not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Scholarships are generally competitive or contested by many people. Therefore, you also have to fight if you want to get a scholarship.

Here are five mindset which you must get rid of when you’re hunting for scholarships.

1. Scholarships are only for geniuses


During this time, you might think that scholarships are only for geniuses. In fact, this is not true. Scholarships are open to everyone. As long as you have a strong desire and want to try, there must be a way to get a scholarship abroad.

If you still think that scholarships are only for geniuses, you might feel inferior and afraid to start applying for scholarships. Then, how can you pass the scholarship if you have never tried to apply for the scholarship?

2. Scholarships are easy to get

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This point is the opposite of the previous point. Even though you have to think positively by considering the scholarship as easy, but you should not underestimate the scholarship registration.

As we know, scholarships are generally competitive, where there is always a chance of winning or losing. If you are too confident that you will pass a prestigious scholarship, then you will likely only ‘hang your hopes’ on one scholarship and be lazy to try other scholarship opportunities. Yet when applying for a scholarship, we should apply for more than one scholarship so that the possibility of qualification becomes greater.

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3. Information will come in person

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In the process of finding a scholarship, don’t think that information will come in person for us. We are required to actively search for our own information regarding scholarship registration.

The good news, you can easily access information about scholarships, either through the internet, scholarship exhibitions, our campus or undergraduate lecturers, and so on. Therefore, do not be lazy and tired to find information about scholarships, yes!

4. You have lots of time

5 Mindset that You Must Avoid If You Want To Get Overseas ScholarshipsPixabay.com/id/DarkWorkX

If you already have the desire to get a scholarship abroad, do not think that you have a long time. Scholarship registration generally has deadline certain. Wish you passed deadline That, you actually still have the opportunity to register again next year. But remember, scholarship registration is often limited to a maximum age.

Although maybe the age limit is still long or still a few more years, but the time can be felt faster. If you already work and are too preoccupied with your work, you might even feel lazy to apply for a scholarship. Therefore, do not delay registering a scholarship, yes!

5. Everything must be instant

5 Mindset that You Must Avoid If You Want To Get Overseas ScholarshipsPixabay.com/id/RobinHiggins

You need to be patient if you really want to get a scholarship. The reason is, applying for scholarships, especially overseas, requires a process, starting from the preparation of documents, English tutoring, scholarship search, selection activities, to preparation for departure. Therefore, don’t think you can get an instant overseas scholarship.

Someone scholarship hunters must be willing to devote time to the process of finding scholarships starting from a matter of months or even years. Not to mention if we experience failure, we certainly have to try to register again next year if we really want to get a scholarship.

Avoid it mindset that you must avoid if you want to get a scholarship abroad. Come on, pay attention to these points and get ready to achieve your dream scholarship!

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