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From instant credit to items as collateral, when the squeeze hits, it can be worth looking for faster and more direct ways to get that money. Of course, technology helps in terms of convenience and agility. Therefore, I separated 5 loan application options so you can get to know and program yourself.

loan application
It is possible to take out loans by app (Image: Unsplash / Magnet.me)

1. Creditas

Creditas application (Image: Tecnoblog)

When using the Creditas application to search for a loan, the user finds different options for the transaction. There is how to use a car or home as collateral, for example. Interest is also different for each case, in addition to the time available to pay.

The company also offers a private payroll loan that gives benefits to workers at partner companies. The interest rate and payment term vary depending on the person’s financial history. In addition, the service assists in salary anticipation.

2. SuperSim

SuperSim application (Image: Tecnoblog)

Promising one of the highest approval rates on the market, SuperSim claims that it is aimed at the less favored classes by the credit market. This loan app also guarantees security, in addition to saying that the user receives the money about 30 minutes after approval.

The main warranty item here is the user’s cell phone. Because of this, the loan options are not huge. The values ​​are between R$ 500 and R$ 2,500 that can be paid in up to 12 installments.

3. Crefisa

Crefisa application (Image: Tecnoblog)

The Brazilian giant also offers a loan application. With the app, the user can perform simulations to better plan. In addition, you can use it to schedule face-to-face visits and track transactions already made.

All conditions found in Crefisa stores are present in the application. The approval follows the common terms of other companies. The receipt of the money can occur on the same day. It is worth remembering that the company offers differentiated options for negatives.

4. NoGreen

loan application
NoVerde application (Image: Tecnoblog)

NoVerde offers a personal loan via the app based on a few questions via the mobile app. Values ​​range from R$500 to R$4,000, while payment can be made in up to 12 installments. The credit review takes less than five minutes, according to the official website. The money drops in up to one business day in the user’s account.

According to the company’s website, the interest rate is customized, all according to the payment term and user history. There is no need for any advance deposit to be made by the person. Finally, it is worth noting that the app is not yet available for iOS.

5. Jeitto

Jeitto App (Image: Tecnoblog)

Jeitto’s loan application is the most closed of the alternatives on this list. That’s because the company’s options are only offered to those who are already a month-to-month customer, guaranteeing the idea of ​​“financial security” preached by Jeitto. That is, before thinking about the loan, it is good to make frequent use of the app.

For customers, receiving this financial strength is easy. The application itself makes offers of this type to users, that is, you are already approved before you even request. Payment installments can be divided into up to 16 installments, plus interest rates are customized from client to client.

Of course, we never want the need to use a loan application to arise, but now you know some options to research further. Which of these apps did you find most interesting?

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