5 important things when you are deemed insulting to others, do not hate yourself

In certain environments, differences in unhealthy social status can be a major trigger for someone to be able to take action to insult others. Not only social status, forms of insults can also occur frontally over physical deficiencies, habits, lifestyles to other simple things.

If you cannot accept your self-deprivation, victims of insults will usually feel their lives are low and meaningless. In more extreme cases, victims of humiliation will consider their existence as a fatal mistake and often blame themselves.

Eits, do not always think like that before reading the brief and simple reviews like the following huh?

1. Despicable in people’s eyes, not necessarily despicable in God’s sight


You don’t need to think too deeply about what makes people feel inferior or despicable. Other people’s judgment is usually subjective and is not a standard measure of your existence in the social environment. What other people think of you, is very different from God’s judgment of you.

Because life in the world is always related to religion, it is very important to prioritize God’s judgment rather than the human mind. Let others consider you despicable, as long as you do not despise God in the eyes of God.

2. Insult is no longer an insult if our minds don’t allow it

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A healthy mind will usually only receive information from outside from a positive perspective. Even though many negative opinions come in, it will not have a big effect as long as your mind remains positive.

Want people to consider you despicable and lowly, as long as your mind doesn’t want it, you will still feel fine. Just let them be busy with their opinions, you are still busy improving yourself by doing a lot of good.

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3. Humiliation is truly a whip for you to move forward

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Being deemed despicable by others can give you lots of wisdom and benefits that you don’t realize. Assumptions of others who make you feel despicable should be a coward for you to keep moving forward.

Precisely with these assumptions, you have more enthusiasm to go forward by exerting all your strength. If you continue to be confined by these assumptions, then forever you will still live in adversity.

4. Being deemed insulting does not mean that your life is doomed

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Never assume to be despised means that your life has come to an end huh? Even though it’s considered despicable, you can do many useful things to improve your life for the better.

As long as humans keep trying, there will be many opportunities you can take to meet a better future. Instead of lamenting because they feel that life has been destroyed, it is better to get up quickly and prove to the world that you are not as insulting as they think.

5. There is no problem with contemptuous assumptions, everything depends on your point of view

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Actually, the contempt of others is only a difference in perspective or perspective. He may consider you despicable because you have flaws in certain matters.

But you can also assume the opposite because of deficiencies he could be more than you lack from the other side. So, as long as you don’t consider yourself despicable, insulting assumptions from others is just the wind and that won’t have a big effect on your life.

Come on, love yourself by ignoring other people’s contemptuous assumptions that are not always true. Know your potential, reach your hopes, and convince yourself that you are a winner in your own life!

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