5 ideas for decorating a home in a nautical style, one you should try

THIS YEAR, the sea style is popular when decorating the interior of the home, not only with apartments and summer holiday homes, but also with houses and apartments in continental Croatia. This does not surprise us since the marine style is characterized by blue and white colors, navy stripes, decorations such as seashells and stars and other details that people are happy to put in their home. The combination of sea details and blue and white reminds us of vacation and the sea, and with this decoration you can now feel at home like on vacation – carefree and relaxed.

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If you also want to create a real sea atmosphere, which relaxes and calms, we bring you a few ideas whose realization you can start today.

Authentic breathtaking furniture

In order for the space to take on a sea flair, it is important that you have as much wood furniture as possible in your home. If you can’t find something in the attic, we have an idea for the perfect coffee table in the living room as well as a sofa.

You can make a living room table yourself, quickly and easily. Stack as many wooden pallets as you want, depending on what table height you want, and add wheels or legs. You can leave the palettes with a wooden look or paint them in a blue and white combination. Place a glass plate on the table surface.

What may surprise you is the fact that you can also make a sitting set from wooden pallets. How? Very simple and fast. Stack the pallets side by side and on top of each other, depending on the length and height that suits you. Most often, two palettes are arranged in a row. Place comfortable seating cushions and back cushions on the pallet.

Paint the wooden pallets in navy blue, and combine the decorative cushions in white and coral red. With this type of sitting set, a sea style in the living room is guaranteed.

Play with colors

With both white and blue walls you will make the room look bigger than it really is. Plus, blue has a calming effect, reduces tension and stress, and that’s exactly what we need, right?

For a marine ambiance in any room, you can play with colors by painting three walls blue, one white. Also, if all your walls are white in the room, you can paint the door navy blue. The same goes for the window frame, paint it blue and it will significantly elevate the whole room. For those a little bolder, you can make one wall by combining blue and white lines, and place wooden shelves or a piece of fishing net on the walls as decoration.

The trend of adding ropes, either on lighting, on shelves, above TVs and the like, is also becoming increasingly popular.

Details make a difference

Add some details that remind you of the sea to the elegant combination of blue and white. You don’t need to overdo it with the details. You can put a blue blanket on the sofa in the living room and add decorative coral-colored pillows. Place a blue blanket and a white bowl on the table to fill with seashells.

Under the shelves on the walls you can add a rope with lighting or a piece of fishing net. Models of ships on the shelves are always welcome. You can put some starfish in the bathroom, and the towels on the shelf should be in a blue and white combination. Lighting can also be combined with ropes.

You can put Mediterranean herbs, dry or fresh, in the vases. If you have a wooden chest in the attic, it’s time to place it in a room and enjoy the authentic decoration that surely hides some beautiful memories.

Get breathable materials

Remove heavy materials such as knitwear, wool, leather and velvet from the living room and bedroom and replace them with breathable materials such as cotton, jute, linen and the like. In the shops you can find light fabrics of different summer motifs that will be a sea seal to every room of your home.

Enjoy your home without worries

When we decorate a home exactly the way we want, it is also important that we can enjoy it without worries.

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