5 Grief that You Will Feel when the Age of Dating Has Ended End

A long-standing love relationship, then breaking up is the most painful thing that you will feel. All the time spent together suddenly became meaningless. There is only disappointment, hurt and regret.

However, behind the breakup of a relationship that has been around for a long time, whether it’s 4, 5 or 6 years, there must be a big problem so there are no more apologies in it. After you break up and assume your jomlo status, there will be many changes in your life, one of which is the sorrows that will color your days. Here are some of the sorrows that you will feel after breaking up from a long-standing relationship.

1. There will be a loneliness that comes over

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The first time you and your ex break up, maybe you will feel normal and grateful that God has shown that he really does not deserve to be your partner later. However, gradually the more you undergo the activity, something is missing and it feels incomplete.

Feelings in your heart will feel empty, empty and can no longer be as cheerful as before. It is a process in you that you are actually sad to be separated from it. The emptiness that you feel, of course it will take a long time until you really get used to your current life without his presence anymore.

2. Regret for not being able to maintain everything

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Regret will always be there when you feel the loneliness and not as excited as before. The shadows of togetherness and happiness together with him will always cross so that there arises a sense of regret, why can’t you defend yourself as well as possible? Why is there no good solution without the word break up?

Of course you feel a variety of regrets. In fact, there is a great desire in your heart that you want to be back with him.

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3. Memories will always be present for life

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5 Grief that You Will Feel when the Age of Dating Has Ended Endpexels.com/Pixabay

Relationships that have existed for a long time, even yearly, are not easy to forget. Very many memories have been created, whether they are happy or sad.

Living the day without his presence again, will still make you remember memories with him. Every step of the way, you will always meet with memories and you will never forget everything that has been engraved.

4. Lazy in a relationship again

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Lazy to know love after you break up is a natural thing to happen. What’s more if the relationship is not only monthly, but annual. The love in your heart will die instantly and look at everything as usual, nothing special.

In fact, you will doubt if later in a relationship with a new figure, whether this figure will be as perfect as your former ex or not? Finally, choosing to own is a choice that you will make in the next few years, without having to re-establish relationships.

5. Likely to feel stressed

5 Grief that You Will Feel when the Age of Dating Has Ended Endunsplash.com/Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

As a result of the loneliness and regret that you feel after separating from it, then it is also possible you will feel stressed and lazy to live life without it. Finally, to heal your wounds, you will come to a psychologist and ask to alleviate everything you feel.

Those are the five sorrows you will feel when you break up from a long-standing relationship. Breaking up love is painful. Therefore, think again if you really want to break up. Don’t regret later on your own choice.

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