5 free online games to have fun anywhere

Do you want to meet free online games to have fun anywhere? Then this is the right article for you! Fortunately, the internet offers incredible game options that you can use to spend time on your computer or mobile phone. In addition, that you can play alone or even partying online with friends. Therefore, we have prepared this list with 5 indications that you need to test!

Without further ado, shall we start? Check out 5 free online games to have fun anywhere:

(Source: Moto X3M / Press Release)Source: Moto X3M

In this exciting game, you ride a motorcycle through a water park. The goal is to overcome all obstacles on the circuit without falling off the motorcycle! This is the 5th game in the franchise that was so successful among online players and promises a lot of adventure and fun. Currently, the game is only available in the computer version.

The game is online and you don’t have to pay to play, so how about testing right now? Will you be able to complete the route in the shortest time possible? Good luck!

(Source: Gartic / Disclosure)(Source: Gartic / Disclosure)Source: Gartic

Another game that was very successful in 2020 was Gartic. It is possible to play both on the computer and on the cell phone. It works as a drawing guessing game, offering several categories, such as Movies, Professions, Animals, Food and more.

One of the great advantages of this game is the possibility to create private rooms with your friends. So, you enjoy online games together and can have fun without leaving home. In addition, it is also possible to enter the shared rooms to meet new people and try to guess their designs. The game is completely free and online!

In addition to the design platform, Gartic also offers a chat so that room participants can chat with each other.

(Source: Cut The Rope / Disclosure)(Source: Cut The Rope / Disclosure)Source: Cut The Rope

Another option that could not be left out of our list of best free online games is Cut The Rope. Available both for smartphones and on the computer, this classic game was very successful a few years ago and came back in 2020.

The player’s mission is to feed a monster with candy. However, treats hang in places that are difficult to access. Therefore, players must cut these strings so that the food falls directly into the little monster’s mouth! So, this is a great pastime for anyone looking for an entertainment option anywhere.

(Source: Penalty Challenge / Disclosure)(Source: Penalty Challenge / Disclosure)Source: Penalty Challenge

Although it is only available to be played on the computer, Penalty Challenge is one of the highlights among online games. The multiplayer version of the classic game allows you to represent your team or country to find out who is the best in football.

For this, a tournament is created in which players need to kick the ball accurately and, at the same time, defend the goal. It is possible to play in competition mode or in partnership with other players. The ultimate goal is to score 5 goals in the penalty shootout phase, so you need to train your angles and strength to be able to outwit the goalkeepers!

(Source: PlayStation / Playback)(Source: PlayStation / Playback)Source: PlayStation

Finally, we must also mention one of the great classics of games: Fruit Ninja. His success was so great that he has already surpassed smartphones and today even has a virtual reality version for video games! In addition, the game has also provided more than one stage, allowing players to choose the mode they want to play, such as classic, arcade or Zen.

Fruit Ninja can be downloaded on any smartphone and is a great option to have fun anywhere!

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