5 Exciting Movies Themed Robberies Are Too Too Far To Miss

Criminal crime-themed films are always interesting to watch. Especially if the theme of the big robbery with a very mature plan. Films like this not only fascinate the audience with their brilliant ideas of robbery, but also succeed in making the thrill of the main player’s fate.

Well, for those of you who like movies or serials like Money Heist, here are five film recommendations that carry the theme of robbery. It is a must to watch when you’re at home.

1. Widows


Widows directed by Steve McQueen who was successful with the film, 12 Years of Slave. Steve works closely with the author of the book Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn for making this film. Despite the theme of robbery, Widows emphasizes drama among players.

Widows himself tells the story of a group of women who gave up after their husbands died. Especially with the debt piled up. They also planned to rob one of the officials who like corruption in their area. During the film, you will be intrigued whether they managed to rob the official’s house or even caught.

2. Inside Man


Inside Man is a film that contains a bank robbery. Unlike the other criminal films, Inside Man using a very interesting prologue. Namely a criminal in a holding cell who seemed to be talking to the audience said that he would rob a bank.

Afterwards, several people were seen robbing a bank by holding several people hostage and locking themselves in the bank. Local police are negotiating to save those who are being held hostage. Their fate also depends on the ability of the police to defeat the band of robbers.

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3. Baby Drivers


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Baby Driver tells the story of a young man named Baby who participates in a gang of robbers. He was tasked to drive the car to run away after his colleague successfully robbed. Even though Baby has difficulty hearing, he can carry out his duties very well.

When Baby decides to get out of the dirty business, he still has to do one final robbery. However, this robbery instead led him to a complicated life. Everything he loved was in danger of his life. Especially women who are liked by Baby. Baby figures themselves are played by Ansel Elgort.

4. Hell or High Water


Hell or High Water is one of the best crime crime themed films. The film even won 4 Oscar nominations in 2017. The film tells the story of a father of two children who recently experienced divorce. In order to support his family, he cooperated with his brother who had just come out of prison.

The brothers also decided to rob a bank. Although the siblings, both of them have a very inversely disposable character. Toby as a younger brother is more careful while Tanner, the older brother tends to be careless.

Their lives became more complicated after a police officer who was about to retire appeared. Oh yeah, Don’t forget to prepare a tissue because this film has ending which is quite emotional.

5. The Town


Directed and played by Ben Affleck, The Town become one of the crime-themed films that you must watch. Even so, the film is also peppered with love dramas that make it even more interesting. The film is about a group of friends who plan to rob a bank.

In one of their actions, they take a bank manager hostage who is then released because he lives in the same neighborhood as them. After that, Doug, played by Ben Affleck, always lurks the manager’s movements. Eventually Doug became closer to him. However, who would have thought that their closeness actually brought disaster.

That’s five exciting robbery-themed films that you must watch. Of the five movie listings above, what number do you most want to watch?

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