5 Events You Can Not Forget Despite Your Grownups

Being an adult seems to be the dream of all humans. We will feel that all adults are those who are free to do anything. At any age, they will not think about the difficulty of learning to prepare for exams at school. They only think of working and working.

Although not entirely true, but becoming an adult is a long process of learning life, human endeavor and destiny that is always fought and prayed for. Everyone can grow up according to what they dreamed of. But they can also lose the long dreams they were making.

Of course, since young, all must be prepared. So that in adulthood we only have to enjoy the results. Without much regret but like a lesson.

1. Failure to enter your favorite university

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After graduating from high school, of course we will all prepare to take exams to enter favorite universities. Thousands of people competed for one seat in the class in the dream department. Not easy indeed. Because all will struggle starting from spending time to learn a lot and take courses, spend capital for costs while pacing for the university entrance test and much more.

But in fact all cannot easily enter the favorite university. Some even have to go home feeling disappointed and even sad because they do not meet the set value. Until he gave up his dream and decided to go to a reserve university.

Even if it fails, every effort we make to get into a dream university can be a valuable lesson for our lives. However fighting for something you want is not easy. Even though many other people’s fate that makes us jealous, but we will learn to be patient and understand the situation. Believe in yourself that everyone will have their time. All it takes is to keep trying, praying and being sure you can.

2. Letting go of the dream job

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Who does not want to be durable at work? All want to have a comfortable job, with an environment, salary and even promising career paths. Yes, some people feel enough of one job that makes them comfortable to the impression of being in a comfort zone. They are certainly not wrong. Because all are choices, and any human is free to choose.

But there are also other humans out there, including maybe you. Who chose to let go of the dream job for another dream. Many things are the reason someone can give up their permanent job. Starting from the problems in the company, want to try to take another opportunity in a new place, to be eager to open their own business.

Efforts made from the beginning may seem futile. There will be many people who pout about our decision. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to blame us for dreaming and not being able to think rationally. Wasting a good career for an uncertain dream. But one thing you need to believe, if your intention to improve through learning and working opportunities in a new place or position, this is not a mistake.

3. Good friends go & bad testers

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5 Events You Can Not Forget Despite Your GrownupsUnsplash.com/rexcuanto

Before we grow up, it’s good to know who our friends are. There will be good and bad people who are our friends. Not a new thing indeed, if good friends leave us faster, for example, far from us or leave this world first. So we feel very lost.

But there will also be bad friends present in our lives. They not only test us mentally but also physically. We will feel tired responding to their attitude. Even as if we don’t deserve to have good friends.

Even so from here we will learn a lot to get to know anyone who comes in our lives. Not picking out friends but still being selective. Because there will be friends who help you develop, but there are also friends who can be toxic to your life. They will unknowingly ruin your life and make you feel like you have no friends.

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4. Difficult to meet a match

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In addition to playing and working friends, we also need a mate or a companion. There are those who have found it at a very young age, but there are those who have discovered it when they are no longer young. All the same, have their respective times, including meeting a mate.

There are times when our friends will arrange their new lives as a married couple. But we who feel often fail even never find a heart mooring. Feel always a victim of every life problem about love. Failed and hopeless, but all will surely find the end.

Yes, united with a mate is not an easy matter. Just maybe meet in a short time. But to unite the vision and mission of life, to make sense together to commit together to grow a sense must be a long process. Being patient makes us learn a lot. Including being careful and not always listening to hurtful remarks from others.

5. Your big dreams are widely opposed

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There is no successful person with a dream that is not opposed by others. Not only from family or friends. It may be that when we show our dreams to others, they will also doubt or even underestimate us. As if we don’t deserve to be big dreamers. They do not believe and do not want to interfere in our affairs.

Learning to compose dreams is not only taught since childhood. Learning to have dreams and maintain when we are sure is not easy. Striving to maintain the desire and strive to realize the dream will make us realize that nothing is easy to get easily. We will increasingly appreciate every process in the business. Failing or succeeding is just a bonus from every effort made. The most important thing is just what we learn from these efforts.

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