5 DC Superheroes that Fail to Air on the TV Series, Sad!

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big success on the big screen, then the DC TV series is the winner. Some TV series such as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman and many more succeeded in capturing many fans.

Not only that, DC also still has other projects that are quite anticipated. But did you know that DC had previously planned several characters to be raised to the screen.

Unfortunately, the project eventually failed. What are they? C’mon, listen.

1. The Graysons (The CW)


Before Brenton Thwaites played Robin in the Titans series, The CW had planned to take the story of the character of The Graysons in 2008. The project was prepared by Smalville executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders as the successors of Smallville, which at that time was probably not continued.

The serial plot will revolve around a young Dick Grayson before he becomes a sidekick of Batman. The series will be family drama genre, but The CW would cancel it later. This is due to Warner Bros who disagreed with the plot of the story because the rate does not match the story of Batman Cristopher Nolan’s version.

2. Wonder Woman (NBC)

5 DC Superheroes that Fail to Air on the TV Series, Sad!nydailynews

Before being appointed to the big screen, Wonder Woman is planned to be made in the TV series version. In 2010 WBTV (Warner Bros) built the Wonder Woman story with the serial creator Ally McBeal, David E. Kelley. In January 2011, NBC was willing to be the television that aired it.

Adrianne Palicki was chosen to be the main actor in the figure of Diana Prince. He even had a costume test. But the disappointing costume attracted harsh criticism from fans, plus production problems that made the project finally canceled.

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3. Bruce Wayne

5 DC Superheroes that Fail to Air on the TV Series, Sad!screenrant.com

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Before the existence of the Gotham TV series, the story of Bruce Wayne’s youth was planned well in advance. In 1999, Tim McCanlies planned to take the journey of 18-year-old Bruce Wayne into Batman.

The series also plans to bring up other key characters in younger versions such as Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent, Barbara Gordon, Vicki Vale, Alfred Pennyworth, Lucius Fox, Selina Kyle and many more.

Although at that time WBTV was interested, they did not make it happen because the Warner Bros film division did not want the Batman story to be on the screen. Even so, the concept of this series will be the inspiration for the birth of Smallville (The CW) and Gotham, which aired FOX.

4. Booster Gold (Syfy)

5 DC Superheroes that Fail to Air on the TV Series, Sad!screenrant.com

In 2011, Syfy compiled a Booster Gold pilot script from executive producer
Arrowverse, Greg Berlanti. The series will focus on the character of Michael Jon Carter, a failed athlete from the future, who went to the past to become a superhero, but not for good but for money and popularity.

But on his journey he will realize that being a hero means a lot in his life. So he began to act to protect the present in order to prevent future vices. Although the draft has been prepared, there is no longer an update of this project.

5. Hourman (The CW)

5 DC Superheroes that Fail to Air on the TV Series, Sad!screenrant.com

In 2013 it was The CW’s turn to intend to raise the story of another DC superhero to the screen, he was Hourman. This story will be handled by the executive producer and writer of the popular TV series, The Sopranos.

Hourman will focus on the story of Rex Tyler, a genius but problematic pharmaceutical analyst, who experienced a vision of the future when he was a child. He also realized that the vision was a tragic story that would occur for an hour in the future.

In order to prevent the tragedy, he also transformed into Hourman, where
he will later find his true identity. Unfortunately, this series was never even included in the development phase by The CW. However, this character will appear in the DC Universe Stargirl series, which has been released this year.

That’s the first five DC superhero characters that were planned to be released on the screen. Unfortunately, various production problems eventually made these series fail to be produced.

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