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The internet and modernity have brought new ways to present your work and receive due recognition. Crowdfunding sites serve as a way to raise money to bring projects to life. If you want to produce your content and still remain as independent as possible, learn about five options for crowdfunding platforms in the lines below.

Crowdfunding can be a good option for your project (Image: Unsplash/Firmbee)

1. APOIA.se

Apoia.se website (Image: Reproduction)
Apoia.se website (Image: Reproduction)

Very popular in various media, Apoia.se is a crowdfunding platform that offers two main types of crowdfunding modality. The user can create campaigns with specific goals or monthly contributions. It all depends on your goals.

Because of the competent help that the site brings, this is an interesting alternative for those who have never done any type of similar project. You can use the campaign manager and the guides present to get a sense of how everything will look. In terms of values, Apoia.se charges 13% of the total amount collected with the campaign.

2. Improvement

Benefactor website (Image: Reproduction)
Benefactor website (Image: Reproduction)

Promising greater versatility for creating crowdfunding campaigns, Benfeitoria offers customized service from the beginning to the end of the project. Additionally, the site says it has a high success rate, with many users managing to hit their targets.

This crowdfunding platform focuses on three modalities: recurring, “Flex” and the so-called “All or Nothing”. Finally, the amounts transferred to the site vary from 3.5% to 9%, depending on the type of campaign the user decides to do. Therefore, it is one of the most affordable in the country.

3. Catharsis

Catharse website (Image: Reproduction)
Catharse website (Image: Reproduction)

With more than ten years of presence among crowdfunding platforms, Catarse brings standard modalities among similar sites. “All or nothing”, “Flex” and subscription are the top three. The company says that its differential is the engagement of the community through its communication tools.

It is worth noting that Catarse offers a lot of content such as Ebooks and videos to help those who are starting in the world of crowdfunding or simply want to better understand the practice. 13% of everything collected stays with the website, the rest goes straight to the registered bank account. In this way, the user receives more quickly what their supporters have contributed.

4. Kickante

crowdfunding platform
Kickante website (Image: Reproduction)

Right away, it is worth mentioning an interesting point about Kickante: the form of support. Raising money isn’t the only way to have a successful campaign here. The user can, for example, ask for donations of books or food baskets. Thus, the variety of projects is a differential of this crowdfunding platform.

If the person doesn’t know exactly how much time they need, the site allows the campaign to have indefinite time. There are tools and texts to help those starting out, but nothing out of the ordinary. Even with all this versatility, the fee charged by Kickante is 6% of the total collected. One of the cheapest at the time of publishing this article.

5. Padrim

crowdfunding platform
Padrim’s website (Image: Reproduction)

Unlike all the options above, Padrim is a crowdfunding platform focused on subscriptions. There are no projects with final goals on the site. No supporting a product, waiting for it to work and waiting to receive it. All campaigns are targeted to pay every month.

The user can choose which level of help he wants to offer, so he will receive the rewards of that level (also called “Tier”). 12% of the entire amount collected goes to Padrim, a fee similar to other platforms. Finally, there is a blog with frequent content about the crowdfunding world, but I missed more focused tools for those who know little about the subject.

Choosing the crowdfunding platform that best matches your project and your intentions is a very important part of being successful. Which of the above options stood out to you the most? Tell us!

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