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How long have you been changing the cell phone plan? Of course, Oi, TIM and Vivo usually change their offers periodically, and many people pay double or even triple the monthly amount while there are more affordable options. In this list we have separated the five most cost-effective mobile plans in 2020 based on the cost per gigabyte and benefits offered.

Image: Pexels / Pixabay

1. Vivo Pre Turbo

Those who do not need many internet gigas can opt for prepaid Vivo Pre Turbo. With weekly and biweekly plans, it is possible to have 6 GB of internet and unlimited calls for less than R $ 30 monthly.

Vivo's mobile plans website

Vivo Pré Turbo website. Image: Reproduction / Live Site

These are Vivo Turbo’s mobile plans:

Internet franchise Package validity Value
2 GB 7 days R $ 11.99
3 GB 7 days R $ 14.99
3 GB 15 days R $ 14.99
4 GB 15 days R $ 19.99

Either option includes unlimited calls to any operator, including DDD. WhatsApp does not discount the franchise, including for voice calls; however, video calls consume your monthly package.

Whoever accumulates R $ 35 in recharge will have an additional 1 GB of bonus for 7 days. Vivo Pré Turbo also provides access to digital apps such as NBA, GoRead, Vivo Recado, Super Comics, Vivo Bem and Vivo Avisa.

2. TIM Beta

THE TIM Beta it has remained on the cost-benefit podium for many years as it is the first option for prepaid with a generous data package. However, joining is not so simple: it is necessary to receive an invitation to contract the plan, which can be obtained with another TIM Beta user in the Beta Lab category. It is also possible to become TIM Beta accumulating recharges of R $ 30 for five months in TIM + Advantages program.

TIM Beta cell plans. Image: Reproduction / TIM website

TIM Beta website. Image: Reproduction / TIM website

These are the monthly plans:

Plan Franchise Monthly value
TIM Monthly Beta 10 GB
600 minutes
R $ 60.00
TIM Beta Lab Monthly 20 GB
2,000 minutes
R $ 60.00

For R $ 60.00 per month, the customer takes 10 GB of internet and 600 minutes in the Monthly Beta. Whoever fulfills the missions of the Blablablmetro can become Beta Lab, and then they can have 20 GB and 2,000 minutes for the same amount. The plan also includes subscription to Deezer Premium, which is sold separately for R $ 16.90.

Anyone who uses the C6 Bank digital bank to add credits to TIM Beta receives an extra 4 GB in top-ups starting at R $ 60. With that, the plan has 14 GB in the Beta or 24 GB in the Beta Lab. It is possible to have only one line by CPF.

3. Flex course

Claro Flex is a digital plan by Claro, where all adhesion and maintenance is done in the iOS and Android application.

Claro Flex application. Photo: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog

Claro Flex application. Photo: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog

See the options:

Plan Monthly value
8 GB R $ 39.99
10 GB R $ 49.99

The main advantage is that the plan includes unlimited social networks: those who join Claro Flex will have free access to WhatsApp, Facebook (including Messenger), Instagram, Twitter, Waze, Cabify and Claro Música. The plan still has unlimited calls to all of Brazil. Who is a broadband or pay TV customer of Claro NET also guarantees an additional 2 GB per month.

The obstacle to the plan is that payment can only be made through Caixa’s credit card or virtual debit card, which excludes those who do not use these payment methods. Another detail is that it is only possible to have at most one Claro Flex line per CPF. There is no loyalty and it is possible to cancel the service at any time.

4. Vivo Easy

Vivo Easy is a cell phone plan very different from what operators usually sell: the customer buys a data package that has no expiration date and can be used until the end, regardless of the period.

Vivo Easy application on Android

Vivo Easy application. Photo: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog

The operator sells internet packages from 1 GB to 100 GB, in addition to unlimited daily rates for applications and calls. Because of this feature, Vivo Easy is ideal for those who do not make many calls and for those who use little or a lot of mobile internet, since the data packages are good value for money.

Vivo Easy’s obstacle is the same as Claro Flex’s: payment for services can only be made by credit cards. Vivo allows up to three lines per CPF using the plan, and all membership and maintenance is done by the application:

Cost-effective 100 GB package

For R $ 299.99, you can buy 100 GB of internet at Vivo Easy to be a consumer for days, months or years. This package guarantees a cashback of R $ 100, which can be used to buy daily calls (R $ 0.99 each), unlimited applications or even more internet.

Vivo Easy Prime has monthly charge

For those who make calls every day, it might be worthwhile to subscribe to the monthly Vivo Easy Prime, which already includes daily calls for the entire month. Another advantage is WhatsApp without discounting the franchise. As in the standard plan, the internet has no expiration date and accumulates with new packages. These are the options:

Plan Internet franchise Monthly bonus Monthly value
Essential 5 GB R $ 10.00 R $ 39.99
Complete 10 GB R $ 20.00 R $ 59.99
Special 15 GB R $ 30.00 R $ 79.99
Super 20 GB R $ 40.00 R $ 99.99

Vivo Easy Prime plans have no loyalty and it is possible to revert to conventional Vivo Easy at any time. The monthly bonus amount can be used to purchase unlimited app daily and even more internet, but it must be used within five days after the renewal period.

5. Oi Post with 50 GB and 100 GB

Oi has the best cell phone plans for those who really need a lot of mobile internet, with consumption above 50 GB per month.

Oi's website with cellular plans

Oi Pós with 50 GB for R $ 99.90. Image: Reproduction / Oi website

These are the plans:

Plan Monthly value
50 GB R $ 99.90
100 GB R $ 129.90

The big advantage is that the plan includes access to Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp without discounting the main franchise. The service also includes unlimited calls to any operator in Brazil and SMS at will.

Oi sells these plans in two ways:

  • as a control plan, with credit card charges;
  • as a postpaid plan, with payment by bank slip.

Those who choose the control plan will have a plan without fidelity, with cancellation without penalty at any time. In postpaid there is a minimum fidelity of 12 months, but the customer can include dependent lines, access to Oi Play and international roaming in the USA for the 100 GB package.

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