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Any interested party knows that disputes for vacancies in public tenders are extremely disputed. Therefore, it is important to be ahead preparing as much as possible for the tests. With the popularization of smartphones, different applications to study for exams were launched. I have separated five interesting options; check out.

Studying is important when preparing for a public contest (Image: Unsplash / Firmbee)

1. Simulated App

application to study for exam
Simulados Application (Image: Tecnoblog)

To help with studying, the Simulados app offers more than 40,000 questions divided into categories such as Administration and Law. In addition, the user can frequently monitor their performance through the application’s tab. That way, you can target where you need to improve.

Unfortunately, the feedback system does not exactly deliver all the answers to the questions, forcing the student to go back to where they specifically went wrong. Everything in this application to study for exams is free, however there are ads scattered around.

2. Librarianship

application to study for exam
Librarianship Application (Image: Tecnoblog)

Allowing the user to perform dozens of different simulations to prepare, this application to study for public tenders has different options divided into categories. There is the possibility to focus on specific questions, filter by words and even redo those that you previously got wrong.

In addition, through the app itself, you can find open notices and a whole personal report to check the progress of your performance. There are advertisements scattered among the simulations, in addition to the possibility of making internal purchases to release more tests for studies.

3. I got it right: Game Contest Questions

I hit the app
Acertei application (Image: Tecnoblog)

Promising all the questions from the main boards of recent years divided into the 10 main subjects, Acertei is an app that tries to hold the student in the variety. Everything is grouped into difficulty levels and stages. In this way, there is a sense of gamification in user development.

There are online disputes between students across the country trying to elevate their studies to healthy competition. In this way, each contestant can focus on their time, seeking to gradually improve their score. There are ads and in-app purchases.

4. QContests

QConcursos application (Image: Tecnoblog)

This application to study for exams has features that work both online and offline. There are simulations, individual questions and even chat with teachers and other contestants. Tests like OAB, ENEM and vestibular have their own sections in the app.

For the more visual students, there are video lessons with plenty of content, all free. You can create notebooks with the main topics you want to focus on, in addition to being able to filter between the most important categories according to the contest you intend to give.

5. Great Online Courses

application to study for exam
Gran Cursos application (Image: Tecnoblog)

There are several courses spread among different popular subjects in public tenders. The user can study directly through the written content or subscribe to access the classes in videos or audio. Gran Cursos also offers PDF documents for students to read offline.

In this application to study for competitions, online teachers are available to answer questions. There are simulations, schedules and even private rooms for up to 10 people at fixed times. However, much of what is offered is locked into a subscription system. The free part is more focused on texts and simulations.

Studying for public tenders is not an easy task. What’s your favorite strategy for staying on track and focused? Share with us in the comments!

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