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Preparing to face entrance exams, contests or any other type of exam can be tiring. Even more if your day to day is messy. With that in mind, I’ve separated 5 apps to create your study schedule so you can adjust and plan each part in the best way possible. Check out all the suggestions in the following lines.

Getting organized is an important part of studying (Image: Unsplash / Magnet.me)

1. Approved

App approved
Approved Application (Image: Tecnoblog)

With the ease of recording your activities and tracking everything through a graph, Approved is one of the app options to create a simpler study schedule on this list. It offers an alarm to remind you of appointments, as well as allowing the sharing of user development.

An interesting feature is that it can be accessed offline, not requiring an internet connection for the entire time of use. Even though it’s free, the app offers three paid packages with more functions. Everything is very easy to use right from the start.

2. Easy Study

study schedule apps
Easy Study application (Image: Tecnoblog)

Like the Approved app, Easy Study is easy to assimilate and use like many study schedule apps. As soon as you start it, the application itself directs the student to fit what his goal is and how he wants to organize his day to day. From there, statistics are presented alongside the goals that must be achieved.

Everything is free, but if you prefer, there is the Plus version that costs R$ 6.99 per month. It unlocks all features, removes ads, and even launches a revision wizard. For the time I used it, I didn’t feel the need to upgrade, but it might be interesting for you.

3. Study here

study schedule apps
Estudaqui Application (Image: Tecnoblog)

Offering a little more complexity among the study schedule apps, Estudaqui brings a more modern and informative layout. There is a focus on the study cycle method, it is intended to break time into blocks of subjects to help with organization.

In addition, the application has an internal stopwatch to record the time studied. This makes it easier to track student history and statistics. Your subscription plan removes ads and offers other features. Finally, it is worth highlighting the free blog with frequent tips.

4. Study

study schedule apps
Estudez Application (Image: Tecnoblog)

Presenting its resources in an uncomplicated way, Estudez allows the user to add materials in their daily and weekly cycle to follow directly through the application. There are no secrets here, everything is practical from checking the history to scheduling review days.

For those students who always miss the time, this is another study schedule app that brings alarms and notifications to help with memory. What I liked the most about Estudez was the control of the cycles, a pity that to add more than one it is necessary to subscribe to the premium account.

Smart Timetable
Smart Timetable application (Image: Tecnoblog)

For those looking to have as much control as possible in their study schedule apps, Smart Timetable can be a good alternative. Its use allows the addition of classes, rooms, teachers, types and much more that can help with organization. Even a color palette can be used for this.

Its stopwatch and alarm help ensure that schedules are adhered to, while the availability of days and weeks helps with scheduling. It is worth mentioning that there are no ads in the free version, but the app suggests its paid version that allows the use of media in tasks.

Now that you know some apps to make your study schedule, tell us which one you’re going to start using.

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