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If you already do or want to start hiking, using an app can be of great value to help you during the routes. An organized map, levels of difficulty and even the distance of the walk are important information for this hobby. In the lines below you will know five applications to enjoy the trails even more.

Hiking is a very satisfying hobby (Image: Unsplash / Joel & Jasmin Førestbird)

1. eTrails

eTrilhas application (Image: Tecnoblog)

Bringing the main information for those who do trails, this application is a great option among those listed here. It presents the distance to be covered, an average duration of time and even allows users to share images. Thus, no one enters the trail without knowing what awaits them.

There are paths for enthusiasts across the country, so the app makes use of your smartphone’s location. User can check in and leave reviews with full reports. One of the parts I liked the most is the tips and care session when practicing the hobby. Everything works quickly, I didn’t have any crashes during my use.

2. Jeep Trails

jeep trails
Jeep Trilhas application (Image: Tecnoblog)

At the outset, it is important to point out that this trail app is not just for those who use a Jeep. It is true that the main focus is directed at those who use the vehicle, but it also works for those who want to guarantee a long walk.

By requiring a long registration, the app can turn new users away. It helps to find nearby destinations for the person, informs duration time, distance, difficulty and a suggested route to follow. In addition, there are badges tied to achievements such as walking a certain amount of kilometers. Unfortunately, I found the app to be cumbersome and slow.

3. Relive

Relive app (Image: Tecnoblog)

As soon as the user opens the app, he can create a plan with goals for a personal goal. From there, everything works similar to a social network, with a feed where other people can post about their experiences. The information content is large, which can confuse the less accustomed.

An interesting point is that it is possible to connect the trails application to a tracker among several options. That way, progress becomes even more personal. On the other hand, there is not so much data about the paths, as the users themselves are the ones who feed the app.

4. Trailforks

trails app
Trailforks app (Image: Tecnoblog)

It is possible to download tracks not only from Brazil, but around the world. With this, the enthusiast can even plan for future trips. Unfortunately, the Portuguese translation was a little short of what it should have been, with many errors easily found.

With everything working, the app presents data such as distance, difficulty, ascent and descent levels, as well as a map with types of activities that can be found on site. There is an area for comments, ratings, events and even a wish list for future tours. Another highlight goes to badges based on personal achievements.

5. Wikiloc

trails app
Wikiloc app (Image: Tecnoblog)

In my experience, this is the most complete trail app on the list. Amazingly, it is simple on the whole, but presents each information in a clear and easy to find way. Distance, ascent and descent levels, average speed to complete the course, time in motion, ranking and even the type of trail. It’s all on the first page of the chosen path.

Of course, the app allows users to review and exchange experiences. This makes it easier to understand what awaits you on your journey. If you are going to use it casually, there is no need or requirement to register. It is worth mentioning that users of the Premium version complain about bugs and crashes.

What do you like most about hiking? Is it the contact with nature or the feeling of exploration? Tell us!

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