5 apps for those more stranded than the ship in the Suez Canal

If, in the beginning of isolation, group game apps were widely used to be closer to friends, singles also managed to keep the “contacts” aside with relationship apps. But if you feel that the main dating platforms are not working and you are still more stranded than the cargo ship in the Suez Canal, we have come to help you fix it. We have separated five unconventional applications that can help you find your ideal match – or not. Check out:

1. Astrolink

This app is for people who ask all the crush’s astral chart. It is not exclusive for relationships, but it functions as a social network, bringing together people with the same interest in the stars or in mysticism. The website allows you to see the compatibility between your map and that of the desired person. In addition, of course, the app offers a complete astrological chart, daily horoscope, advice for the week, online tarot runs and much more. Astrolink is free and available for iOS and Android.

astrolinkAstrolink / Disclosure

2. Cuddli

Cuddli is known for being the “Tinder nerd”. This is because, as soon as they enter the application, users must show all their geek side, selecting icons of robots, computers, video games, characters and unicorns that most represent them to leave exposed in their profile. From this, the participants match for the common interests. When this happens, the app goes into “couple” mode and no more claimants are displayed.

CuddliCuddli / Press Release

3. Pheramor

Pheramor is for those users who love a story beyond Black Mirror. The app promises that it can find a person’s perfect match based on a DNA analysis. When registering on the platform, the company sends a collection kit to the home of the interested party. At the end, the user must resend the test to Pheramor, which will analyze the sample in the laboratory. With the data, the algorithm separates suitors who are more likely to succeed. For now, the app is only available in Houston, Texas.

pheramorPheramor / Disclosure

4. Hater

Do you love meeting people who hate the same things as you? Then Hater is perfect for you. As the name says, the purpose of the app is to unite couples who hate people, food, places, among others. When downloading the application, the user receives a list ranging from celebrities to political figures, and needs to check the options he does not like. Thus, the platform will show people with the same “rancidity” as you. Hater is available for Android and iOS.

hater(Hater / Disclosure)

5. Wingman +

Everyone has that friend who is wiser and more rational than us, right? Thinking about it, Wingman + was created. In it, friends are in charge of accepting their suitors and the user can only match someone when “cupids” approve the profiles. The app also allows you to create rankings among friends to find out who can arrange more meetings. So far, the application is only available in the United States.

Wingman Wingman + / Disclosure

Bonus tip: PIX

If you like to send and receive treats, the bonus tip is for you. With PIX, you can transfer a symbolic value to the applicant and still write a text message. The resource went viral earlier this year and people who flirt with the platform have even won a special nickname, they are the so-called “pixsexuals”. But remember to share only random keys, so as not to disclose personal data, such as social security number, email or phone number.

So, have you used any? Tell us here in the comments!

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