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If you’re looking for a basic Smart TV, with good picture quality and a vast app store, the AU7700 may be ideal. Although expensive at launch, currently, it already appears for interesting retail values. Today, for example, you can find it in a cashback offer that guarantees up to 43% off Samsung AU7700 43” or 65” 4K TVs—want to know how?

Samsung AU7700 4K TV (Image: Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)
Samsung AU7700 4K TV (Image: Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)

The 43AU7700 and 65AU7700 models were launched for R$3,299 and R$5,949, respectively. However, by purchasing them in this Fast Shop promotion and taking advantage of the 8% cashback on the purchase price, offered by Zoom, they cost BRL 2,069 and BRL 3,338 in cash, paying at Pix.

To get 8% of your money back, you must have attention and patience. In other words, follow Zoom’s instructions and wait 30 days after receiving the product to get the cashback — we’ve already made another post explaining about it, which is available here.

Basically, you have to log into your Zoom account — or create one, which doesn’t take long — through your browser. Once you are logged in, enter these links on the Smart TV 4K Samsung AU7700 de 43 or 65 inches, which already redirect via Zoom. Then, make the purchase and track your wallet balance over the next month.

📺 The 4K AU7700 TV is basic, but it does the trick

Samsung AU7700 4K TV (Image: Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)
Samsung AU7700 4K TV (Image: Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)

Upon receiving it in your home, the first positive points will be the ease of assembly and design, characteristics praised in the tests of the technoblog. However, if you intend to connect multiple devices to the TV, it is good to know that the AU7700 is limited to three HDMI ports and one USB. In addition, it also has 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.

The image quality offered by the VA panel does well for the category and brings good contrast and definition. Despite this, the brightness is not so strong and the sound with 20W of power is not quite so immersive. That is, it is worth it if you are not very demanding, want a Smart TV just to watch series and movies, and do not have a very large living room.

As for the operating system, Tizen brings a fluid and easy-to-use interface. In addition, the app store is very complete and you should have no difficulty finding your favorite streams, such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, among others. And the same can be said for virtual assistant support, which includes Google Assistant, Alexa, and Bixby.

Also, if you are a repeat customer of the store, you may be interested in the Fast Prime discount. To take advantage of it, it is necessary to pay a subscription of R$ 9.90/month, which guarantees access to exclusive discounts and free shipping or 10% cheaper (depending on the location).

Whether the shipping will be worth it or not is relative. But, as for the exclusive discounts, Fast Prime subscribers can take advantage of this same finding for R$ 1.986 (43AU7700) ou R$ 3.205 (65AU7700). That is, with a reduction of about 3% in price, which can be interesting in high-value products, such as TVs.

🤩 Where do I find other offers like this?

TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)
TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)

Whether it’s everyday grocery shopping or more expensive items, I think everyone likes to save money. However, it’s not easy to find time in the rush of routine to follow prices and take advantage of the best deals before they run out. The good news is that you don’t have to, we do it for you!

Yes, that’s right. In Telegram and WhatsApp groups, in addition to the Community, our team always sends several offers like this. And as we are independent, we make a true curation of both products and promotions. In fact, they are sometimes so good that we buy them ourselves — including me, hehe. Interested? participate in finds and enjoy!

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