4 Things That PS5 Is Superior Than the Xbox Series X and vice versa

2020 has set the stage to welcome the presence of two next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. Both Sony and Microsoft, are both taking different approaches to their latest consoles.

While Microsoft is more open with showing the form of the Xbox Series X along with the specifications and various games, Sony on the other hand, only reveals the detailed specifications and still has a tight-lipped about the shape of the PS5 itself. While waiting for the launch of both, following a review of 4 things that PS5 is superior to the Xbox Series X and vice versa.

1. 3D audio – PS5


When discussing the full details of PS5 ‘innards’, the head of architectural design – Mark Cerny alluded to 3D audio technology. This is confirmed to be one of the excellent features that will be owned by PS5.

Cerny said if this feature can increase the level of immersiveness – especially in the sound or audio sector – when playing games. So far, there has been little information about this cool feature, but it’s been nice to see Sony ‘care’ about other aspects of the game, given that Microsoft doesn’t seem to be interested in implementing a similar feature on the Xbox Series X.

2. Faster SSD – PS5

4 Things That PS5 Is Superior Than the Xbox Series X and vice versascreenrant.com

Solid-state drive or SSDs have faster read and write speeds than hard-disk or HDD, because the storage media it uses flash memory. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X are both confirmed to be using SSDs as the main storage media.

Details about both SSDs have also been revealed, with PS5’s SSDs superior enough to the Xbox Series’s SSDs. SSDs on the PS5 have a speed of 5.5 GB per second, while SSDs on the Xbox Series X only have half the speed in the range of 2.5 GB per second.

3. More massive player base – PS5

4 Things That PS5 Is Superior Than the Xbox Series X and vice versatechradar.com

Xbox One “kicked” out of the competition quickly when it was released in 2013. More expensive prices, less robust models and Microsoft’s ambition to make all activities that are always connected to the internet, making the Xbox One a less desirable console.

On the other hand, PS4 offers something better so many gamers choose it. It is also important to note that PS4 sells more than Xbox One. With this, Sony has a more massive player base, which is ready to make the transition to the next generation.

4. Exclusive last-gen game – PS5

4 Things That PS5 Is Superior Than the Xbox Series X and vice versaculturedvultures.com

Console last-gen Sony’s PS4 has a number of the best exclusive games. Some will be released this year such as The Last Of Us Part 2 and Ghost Of Tsushima – both of which are rumored to be released also on PS5.

Furthermore, an exclusive game last-gen which have been released such as God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Marvel’s Spider-Man, are also confirmed to have a sequel which is rumored to be a number of exclusive games on PS5. Meanwhile, Xbox One was criticized for lacking exclusive games, which are likely to continue in its successor – the Xbox Series X.

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5. Larger SSD – Xbox Series X

4 Things That PS5 Is Superior Than the Xbox Series X and vice versatheverge.com

Turning to the advantages of the Xbox Series X over the PS5, Microsoft outperformed Sony in providing capacity on their next-gen consoles. Xbox Series X meets the expectations of many people by providing 1TB SSD capacity that is ready to accommodate a number of large-sized games in the future.

For PS5, Sony strangely only equip the PS4 successor with an 825GB SSD. In addition to more free storage, the Xbox Series X also provides additional storage options of up to 1TB in the form of a custom NVMe SSD.

6. Design – Xbox Series X

4 Things That PS5 Is Superior Than the Xbox Series X and vice versanews.xbox.com

When announced at The 2019 Game Awards, Microsoft not only revealed the name of the Xbox Series X, but also its design. And despite the form that for some people is considered to be similar to a “refrigerator”, disclosure increases hype for the next generation console.

Conversely, Sony is still locked tightly details about the shape of the PS5. Various dev kit leaked images are indeed scattered throughout the internet, but Sony itself has not confirmed whether it is the shape or final design of their next-gen consoles.

7. Backward compatibility – Xbox Series X

4 Things That PS5 Is Superior Than the Xbox Series X and vice versaxbox.com

Beside time loading which is faster and more eye-pleasing visuals, backward compability also be another feature that is very desirable in the next generation console. Microsoft has paved the way for this feature in recent years and it continues on the Xbox Series X.

It is said that the Xbox Series X will be able to play all games from all Xbox consoles, complete with peripheral devices such as controllers and external HDDs that can also be used. This beats backward compability on PS5 which can only play around 4,000 PS4 games.

8. Game Pass – Xbox Series X

4 Things That PS5 Is Superior Than the Xbox Series X and vice versaplayer.one

Xbox Game Pass is one of the best subscription-based services ever. How not, with only about US $ 10 per month, players can have access to more than 100 games. Game Pass is a revolutionary program that gives Microsoft an edge over Sony.

Sony actually has a similar service called Playstation Now, but it’s not as interesting as Game Pass. On the Xbox Series X, Game Pass is even better because Microsoft announced that all the games first-party they will be immediately available on the first day of launch.

Thus was the review of the 4 things that PS5 is superior to than the Xbox X Series and vice versa. Based on the comparison above, which console do you think will end up as the best?

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