4 best free antivirus for your android phone

Android is today’s most popular mobile operating system. It also means that it is heavily targeted by criminals who create viruses and malicious applications to infect the platform. However, as with Windows computers, there is an efficient way to protect yourself.

Antiviruses are apps that actively work to try to shield smartphones from digital threats. These programs do more than just scan devices for viruses or other issues, but they act to prevent dangerous apps from being installed on Android.

Thinking about the importance of having an antivirus on your cell phone, TecMundo prepared a list with some options of free apps in this category. Next, you will know these options, as well as the main differentials of each one of them.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivírus

Kaspersky has one of the most advanced detection systems. (Source: Play Store/Play)Fonte:  Play Store

Very popular on computers, Kaspersky also has a version for mobile devices, which is highly praised for its threat detection system. The app even received awards from independent testing labs, which attests to the quality of the app in protecting your smartphone from viruses.

In the free version of Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus there is no ad display and a number of useful application scanning tools. There is also a tool to filter unwanted calls, support for Android Wear and a set of anti-theft functions in case the device is stolen.

McAfee Mobile Security

The app also provides protection against public Wi-Fi networks. (Source: Play Store)The app also provides protection against public Wi-Fi networks. (Source: Play Store/Play)Fonte:  Play Store

McAfee’s antivirus software for Android also has anti-theft features such as location alerting and remote blocking of device functions. However, the highlight of the free version of the app is the protection offered for unknown Wi-Fi networks, the optimization for lower battery consumption and the option to create a backup of contacts.

When it comes to security, the McAfee mobile version offers protection against malware and spyware, but the features to prevent phishing are restricted to premium mode. The app offers a fast (only a few seconds) and efficient security scan to detect digital threats.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender checks apps before installation.  (Source: Play Store)Bitdefender checks apps before installation. (Source: Play Store/Play)Fonte:  Play Store

The Bitdefender app is lightweight and won’t compromise your smartphone functions. The app is efficient in offering a protection system that scans all programs before they are installed. This is a nice feature to prevent the spread of modified software to steal user data.

Although it appears to charge a subscription, the app has a free version that offers a scanner of public Wi-Fi networks, anti-theft features and data breach notifications. Bitdefender also provides a VPN, but it is limited to 200 MB free, which is enough to verify access to a few pages.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivírus

ESET antivirus is the lightest on the list.  (Source: Play Store)ESET antivirus is the lightest on the list. (Source: Play Store/Play)Fonte:  Play Store

The lightest among all the applications on the list, ESET’s antivirus stands out for being the one with the least impact on the user experience. The program offers malware protection and tracking, providing a detailed report on how your smartphone is protected.

By downloading the app, ESET offers the premium version for 30 days, but the free mode already has a good range of functions. This includes anti-phishing (the only one on the list that makes the free version available), anti-theft features and an authentication wizard to increase the protection of other applications.

Tips to protect your smartphone

It is not recommended to install apps that are not from the official stores.  (Source: Play Store)It is not recommended to install apps that are not from the official stores. (Source: Play Store/Play)Fonte:  Play Store

In addition to sharing these free antivirus app options, we’ve also separated some tips for you to further protect your smartphone.

The first one is about the importance of not installing two programs of this type on a single device. As with computers, antivirus applications can end up losing their ability to detect threats if they are on the same smartphone. Also, the device can be quite slow, hampering the user experience.

Another important tip is to perform frequent scans to detect new threats that are created daily to infect smartphones. All of the above options offer this feature, which can be performed in a few minutes and ensure the protection of your device.

Finally, the final tip is about the importance of taking a careful stance when using your cell phone. Although antivirus software offers protection against a series of threats, users need to take some basic precautions, such as not opening unknown links, always checking the origin of applications and being careful with strange messages, even from people they know.

By following these tips and installing some of the antivirus applications on this list, you will be more secure when using your smartphone.

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