4 alternatives to Google Photos

Google announced that, as of June 2021, the Google Photos cloud storage service will no longer offer unlimited space for uploads, thus offering only the amount of 15 GB in free mode. The company also revealed that the change does not affect the data already present on the platform, but will only impact files sent after the deadline.

If you use the Google service or plan to use another solution in parallel to store your photos in the cloud, we have separated some free and subscription alternatives that you can consider.

Google One app integrated with Android.Google One app integrated with Android.Source: Reproduction / Google

Google One

Launched in 2018, the Google service that is also dedicated to cloud file storage, recently gained the automatic data backup feature, working with uploading photos, videos, contacts, documents and more. The service is now available for Android and iOS and can also be used free of charge with limited space or by subscription for those who need more space.

In its free modality, Google One offers 15 GB of storage, which shares space for photos, videos and more data in the same account. To have more space, users need to consider investing from R $ 6.99 in the monthly plan that offers 100 GB of space.


The Microsoft service presents a solution similar to Google Photos, but working with a greater integration with the Windows operating system, as with Google Drive on Android and Chrome OS. Like other services in the segment, Onedrive not only stores photos, but can also save files, settings and automatically backup selected folders.

In its free modality, the service offers 15 GB of space, being able to offer up to 30 GB on offer for those who activate the automatic upload of photos on their mobile device. If you want more space, the service offers plans starting at R $ 5 per month with initial volumes of 100 GB.

Microsoft service is integrated with Windows but can also be accessed by mobile devices.Microsoft service is integrated with Windows but can also be accessed by mobile devices.Source: Reproduction / Microsoft

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon, which is well known for its renowned international e-commerce, also offers a variety of web services through its equally renowned AWS platform. Amazon Cloud Drive can be used on both PC and mobile devices, and like its competitors, it offers limited space for free.

In the free mode, all users have access to 5 GB for storing photos and files in general. For Amazon Prime subscribers, which is a service that offers discounts on Amazon, access to Prime Video, Prime Music and Twitch Prime, the storage space is unlimited, so the Amazon Prime subscription costs R $ 9.90 . It is still possible to have more space through annual plans of $ 11 for 100 GB or $ 59 for 1 TB.

Amazon Prime subscribers have benefits in the company's cloud.Amazon Prime subscribers have benefits in the company’s cloud.Source: Reproduction / Amazon


Dropbox is another very popular service in the segment, working not only for storing photos, but also for various files. In its free modality, Dropbox Basic, the service offers only 2 GB of storage, allowing uploads from the PC and also from mobile devices through the app.

The service subscription plans are annual, starting at US $ 119.88 for 2 TB of space, with options for corporate packages for storing data from different users. The service also has a 14-day evaluation period that offers 3 TB of storage.

Dropbox is compatible with mobile, web and PC devices.Dropbox is compatible with mobile, web and PC devices.Source: Playback / Dropbox

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