4 5G packages modeled on Orange are emerging, from € 40 / month

The price list for SFR 5G packages just leaked over the weekend on Twitter. We discover four formulas which seem in every way modeled on those of Orange, down to the price to the penny.


To believe the Tiino-Z83 leaker who had already stood out for accurate predictions around new operators in France, the prices of SFR 5G packages leaked before their time. The leaker offers the PDF of the standardized information sheet for each SFR 5G offer, which the operator must therefore soon formalize.

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SFR is preparing the launch of four 5G packages modeled on Orange

The four formulas are mainly differentiated by the quantity of data envelope and are all with 12 month commitment. For the rest, all SFR 5G formulas give access to these services:

  • Unlimited calls to mainland France to mainland France and overseas departments (limited to 3 hours maximum per call and 200 different recipients per month)
  • Unlimited calls from the European Union, overseas departments, Switzerland, Andorra to metropolitan France, the European Union, the overseas departments, Switzerland, Andorra
  • Unlimited SMS in mainland France (limit of 200 recipients each month)
  • Unlimited MMS in mainland France (limit of 200 recipients each month)
  • Unlimited SMS / MMS from the European Union, the DOM, Switzerland, Andorra to mobiles in mainland France, the European Union, overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra
  • Internet envelope available under the same conditions * in mainland France or the European Union, overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra
  • SFR Cloud (100 GB of online storage)
  • MultiSurf
  • SFR TV

* With the exception of the unlimited envelope

The price of SFR subscriptions resembles those of Orange.

Here are the details of the four 5G subscription offers that SFR is preparing to launch, according to the “draft” of the leaked price schedules on the net:

  • 80 GB: 40 € / month
  • 100 GB: 50 € / month
  • 150 GB: 65 € / month
  • Unlimited: 95 € / month

We note that for the unlimited plan, SFR specifies from the outset in its conditions that the data envelope from the European Union, the French overseas departments, Switzerland, Andorra and Canada is in reality only “100 GB per month” with customer billing at 0.004 € / Mo (billing per ko) from the European Union / DOM and at “SFR Travel-Communicate from abroad” rates from Switzerland, Andorra, the USA and Canada ”.

No real unlimited 5G at SFR

SFR therefore does not offer “true unlimited 5G” internationally.. The operator also specifies thata clamping can be set up in mainland France in the event of use deemed “abusive” :

“In the event of continuous use which consumes a lot of bandwidth (of the peer-to-peer or downloading type for example) likely to saturate the network in a given area, and which may harm SFR users in this area, and / or of use via equipment other than equipment for mobile use, the customer will be notified by SMS of its unreasonable use. In case of recidivism following this notification, the customer is informed that the benefit of unlimited mobile internet will be removed, and internet access will be limited to 100 GB monthly, explains SFR.

As a reminder, Orange offers the following prices for its 5G offers (excluding the commitment period and other promotions):

  • 70 GB: € 39.99 / month
  • 100 GB: € 49.99 / month
  • 150 GB: € 64.99 / month
  • Unlimited: € 95.99 / month

We note that, for the time being, and unless we are mistaken, Orange does not specify conditions similar to those of SFR around the use of the unlimited 5G data envelope from abroad. This suggests that on closer inspection, many customers will find the unlimited 5G offer at Orange significantly more attractive than the equivalent package at SFR.

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