397 BUMN Commissioner Indicated to Double Positions

Jakarta, IDN TimesThe Indonesian Ombudsman reports 2019 data s397 commissioners in a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) company have indicated concurrent positions. Meanwhile, as many as 167 commissioners are also indicated in concurrent positions in the subsidiary of the state-owned company.

“I say indicated because it still needs validation,” Ombudsman RI member Alamsyah Saragih said in a virtual press conference on Sunday (6/28).

1. Officials also double income

IDN Times / Aryodamar

Not only concurrent positions, according to Alamsyah, the officials also doubled their income. According to him it is difficult to be left, sbecause this can lead to a conflict of interest.

“Conflicts of interest are getting bigger (if left unchecked). This will be the Ombudsman’s record, things that need to be corrected are fundamental,” he said.

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2. Only 15 SOEs contribute state revenues

Ombudsman: 397 BUMN Commissioners Indicated as Double PositionsBUMN Building. IDN Times / Indiana Malia

Alamsyah revealed, Indonesia has 142 BUMN engaged in various sectors. State revenues from SOEs in 2019 reached Rp210 trillion, but 76 percent of these revenues were only contributed from 15 SOEs.

“The majority of commissioners who are placed in BUMNs that on average do not have significant income, some even lose money,” he said.

3. The Ombudsman’s focus on system improvement

Ombudsman: 397 BUMN Commissioners Indicated as Double PositionsMember of the Indonesian Ombudsman, Alamsyah Saragih. (IDN Times / Hana Adi Perdana)

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However, Alamsyah was reluctant to reveal the identities of officials who held concurrent positions and incomes. Because, the Ombudsman’s focus is on improving the system, not who is the commissioner.

“People are the product of the system. Concurrent commissioner positions in SOEs can worsen governance, public trust, and public administration managed by SOEs, “Alamsyah said.

4. The position of commissioner of a state company filled with figures from ministries or institutions is normal

Ombudsman: 397 BUMN Commissioners Indicated as Double PositionsArya Sinulingga (IDN Times / Auriga Agustina)

While responding to the issue raised by the Ombudsman, Special Staff of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Arya Sinulingga said that the position of commissioner of a state company filled with figures from ministries or institutions was natural.

“We know that SOEs are owned by the government. The government as a shareholder must place its representatives in the position of commissioners in SOEs, so it is natural to take them from technical ministries that do understand technical problems in the company,” Arya said. Among, Sunday.

According to Arya, the government as a BUMN shareholder has the right to place its people in order to oversee the company’s performance. “So it is very natural that from ministries or institutions that also occupy the position of commissioner, which represents the interests of shareholders from the government.”

“That is common logic, everywhere also there must be a representation, if not who represents the government in the company owned by the government if it is not from the government element,” said Arya.

The prohibition of concurrent positions for civil servants, according to Arya, is a prohibition on holding one structural position with other structural positions and / or with functional positions and in ministries or institutions not in BUMN, as well as prohibitions on becoming members and / or administrators of political parties.

“In accordance with regulations, the Board of Commissioners or the Board of Trustees and Directors are not included in the positions that fall within the criteria for structural positions, and / or functional positions of Civil Servants,” he explained.

Regarding aspects of the conflict of interest of the board of commissioners, said Arya, this is what can harm BUMN. However, if the difference does not cause losses to SOEs, then it is not a conflict of interest.

Arya also answered about the existence of double income. According to him, the income received by the commissioners is in the form of honorarium and not salary.

“If there is an ASN assigned to certain tasks, then there is an additional honorarium for these officials,” he said.

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