34% of French people have a phobia of empty smartphone batteries

A third of the French suffer from the phobia of the empty smartphone battery, reveals an Opinion Way poll. According to the study, the French fear they will no longer be able to consult social networks, miss an SMS or be deprived of GPS. This phenomenon mainly affects the youngest. To relieve users’ anxieties, phone makers have developed fast charging technologies.

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According to an Opinion Way poll, a French political polling and marketing research firm, made for Oppo, a third of the French suffer from the phobia of the empty phone battery. 34% of the people questioned in the framework of the study believe that it is about “the new contemporary phobia ”. As part of the survey, Opinion Way interviewed 1002 individuals representative of the French population through an online questionnaire.

For these French people, the prospect of running out of battery generates real anguish. There are many reasons for this daily stress. Thus, 39% of individuals with a phobia fear missing an important text or phone call. 18% of respondents are afraid of being deprived of GPS and arriving late at their destination. 10% of participants are anxious at the idea of ​​being stranded while their smartphone is charging.

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64% of young French people suffer from the phobia of empty batteries

Finally, 9% of users are rather afraid of missing a last minute change of organization while 5% of respondents panic at the prospect of no longer being able to consult their social networks. Several studies show that the French have become very attached to their social networks. According to Mediamétrie, 24 million French people connect to Facebook every day. The empty smartphone battery can also be used as an excuse. 42% of 18-24 year olds have already assured their interlocutor that their smartphone will run out of battery life to put an end to an unpleasant conversation.

As you might expect, the phobia of the battery affects young people more. 64% of 18-24% feel a strong anxiety that their phone is running out of juice. Moreover, 42% of young people surveyed admit to preferring to be late rather than leaving home with a battery that is not recharged. Note that 53% of respondents aged 25 to 34 suffer from the same phobia. A third (34%) of 35-49 year olds still say they are concerned about the autonomy of their mobile phone. Executives and CSP + are the most affected by this new phobia. 40% of executives admit to being anxiouss the idea of ​​their smartphone falling flat during the day. On the other hand, only 73% of inactive people feel stress at the prospect of being deprived of a telephone.

The French suffer from the FOMO phenomenon

Asked by our colleagues from Le Parisien, Michael Stora, founder of the Observatory of Digital Worlds in Human Sciences, deciphers the results of this study. “The smartphone is a wireless blanket and its overuse alleviates our concerns and our natural incapacity to be alone. Seeing his battery decrease is like a child who sees that there is only one page left of the book to read or that his blanket is taken away, it creates a real anguish that refers to the traumas of early childhood ” explains Michael Stora. The expert also points the finger the FOMO phenomenon (from English: fear of missing out, “fear of missing something”). This social anxiety arose at the start of the 21st century. It is characterized by the irrational fear of missing out on an important event or occasion.

As we suspected, Oppo commissioned this Opinion Way study in order to highlight the fast charging technology of its smartphones. “Charging speed is key, it is also one of the three criteria for selecting a smartphone, along with speed and battery life” explains David Chauvaud, product manager at OPPO France. Under these conditions, the Chinese manufacturer has developed several charging technologies, including Flash Charge. Not yet available on the market, this 125W quick charge can recharge a 4000 mAh battery in just 20 minutes. On the Oppo Find X2 Pro in particular, Oppo includes the Super VOOC 2.0 65W. According to our test, it takes less than 40 minutes for a full charge. Is it fast enough to relieve the anxieties of the French? We await your opinion in the comments.

Source: The Parisian

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