33% of Android users plan to switch to Apple

The iPhone 12 will meet with some success with Android users, a study by SellCell suggests. More than 30% of Android smartphone users are considering buying one of Apple’s new iPhones. Among the main reasons mentioned by respondents, we find the software support of iOS and the compact factor format of the iPhone 12 Mini.

A study published by SellCell, a smartphone resale and trade-in site, surveyed Android users’ interest in iPhone 12. As part of this study, the site questioned 2000 Android users aged over 18 and resident in the United States via an online form.

“Almost 33% of Android users plan to get an iPhone 12 as their next smartphone” SellCell announces. The iPhone 12 Mini, the cheapest model in the range, is attracting the most interest. 48.1% of respondents interested in the iPhone 12 would opt for this variant, which would sell for around $ 600. In second position, with 22.9%, we find the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the most expensive version of the year (more than $ 1,100).

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Study shows why iOS appeals to some Android users

iphone 12 why ios seduces android

The main reason cited by respondents is iOS software support. In general, iPhones benefit from software support of around 5 years. For example, the iPhone 6S launched in 2015 was able to install the iOS 14 update without any problem. In fact, all smartphones that were already compatible with iOS 13 are also compatible with iOS 14. On the side of Android manufacturers, most are content with 2 years of software updates. After two years, it is no longer possible to install a new Android update. As a result, 55.09% of respondents plan to fall for an iPhone 12 to take advantage of the strengths of iOS. In addition, we note that 12.1% of respondents believe that‘IOS offers a better user experience than Android.

In addition, 48.8% of respondents say they are ready to fall for the iPhone 12 in order to better protect their privacy. Indeed, Apple has made respect for privacy its hobbyhorse. With iOS 13, Apple has integrated several options to protect its personal data, the button “connect with Apple”. This functionality allows you to connect to a number of sites and services without creating an account, and without going through Google or Facebook, known to collect data for commercial purposes. The Cupertino company has continued its momentum with iOS 14. The latest update of iOS can limit application access to your photos or your geolocation. For example, it is possible to grant one-time access to your geographical position to an application.

The iPhone 12 Mini seduces Android fans

36.9% of people surveyed say they are also attracted to the compact form factor of the iPhone 12 Mini. The latest news is that the iPhone 12 Mini is indeed built around a 5.45-inch AMOLED screen. It’s smaller than most high-end phones on the market. For several years, manufacturers have abandoned the most compact smartphones for the sublimated phablets of large screens. With phones like the iPhone SE 2020 or the iPhone 12 Mini, Apple is trying to appeal to fans of smaller formats.

30.9% of Android users surveyed also highlight “best prices”. They probably evoke the standard iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12, whose starting price remains contained. Since the arrival of Tim Cook at the head of Apple, the Californian brand seeks to diversify its offer. Last year, Apple launched three variants of iPhone 11, including a more affordable version at 809 euros, to accompany its two high-end proposals.

They are only 24.7% to put before the hardware innovations of iPhone 12, including a better screen and a better camera. Some of the most anticipated features in the range include the 120Hz display and LIDAR scanner for augmented reality. Finally, 19% mentioned compatibility with the 5G network, a first for iPhones.

What do you think of the results of this American study? Android smartphone users, are you also planning to fall for one of the iPhone 12 this year? Why might you join Apple? We await your opinion in the comments below.

Source: SellCell

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