3 versions to download, how to use them?

The whole of France has been in confinement again since Friday, October 30, 2020 at midnight. Three new travel certificates have been available since the evening of Thursday, October 29. What are the three documents used for and when should they be used? We help you see more clearly.

Since Friday October 30, 2020 at midnight, the French have returned to their habits of last spring. A travel certificate is again imperative to justify leaving the home. Three documents were posted online by the Ministry of the Interior and we explained to you yesterday how to download the derogatory certificates to travel during reconfidence.

The first two are well known because, on the one hand, it is the classic derogatory certificate used a few months ago, on which slight modifications have been made to adapt to the new conditions. and on the other, the proof for business trips (similar to the spring one). Finally, the great novelty of the containment is the arrival a new documentary proof for school trips.

Exceptional travel certificate: in which cases to use it?

The new travel certificate is not much different from the one that was in effect during the curfew. The latter was already inspired by the derogatory certificate of spring. The new version is aimed at everyone and includes 9 categories of reasons that can justify an exit.

  • Business trips or to go to an educational institution.
  • Purchases of basic necessities, receipt of social benefits or withdrawal of cash from the bank.
  • Go to the doctor or the pharmacy.
  • Compelling family reason, assistance to vulnerable people or childcare.
  • Displacement of people with disabilities and their companions.
  • Recreational outings within the limit of one km around the home and for a maximum of one hour per day.
  • Judicial or administrative summons; go to a public service.
  • Participation in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority.
  • Travel to pick up children from school and during their activities

As for recreational outings, they can be linked to individual physical activity (walking, jogging, etc.). But any collective sporting practice is prohibited. Are also authorized: family outings and walking pets. The travel certificate must be renewed for each trip.

Proof of business trip

The authorities encourage teleworking which must remain a priority when possible. Otherwise, the proof of business trip allows you to continue working during confinement. It is valid for the usual trip between your home and your place of work, but also for trips between different places when the nature of your duties requires it.

The supporting document must be completed by your employer. This is a specific certificate which exempts you from the traditional derogatory certificate, but only for business trips. It is not necessary to renew it for each trip. A single document is sufficient for the entire duration of the confinement.

Proof of school trip (new)

A new document was posted online by the government for school trips, as well as the professional certificate. Because, unlike the spring confinement, nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools remain open. But establishments are subject to a strict health protocol to limit the risks.

This proof is mandatory for parents who drive or pick up their children from school. The document can be completed by the parent or caregiver. However, the name, address and stamp of the school are required on the document.

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