3 Anker audio equipment you need to know

Have you ever stopped to think that audio playback has become a constant in your daily life? Whether in leisure or professional moments, having quality and adequate devices for each activity makes all the difference to relax, understand and be understood. Thus, it must be remembered that cost-benefit is not an aspect to be overlooked; so the Aliexpress is one of the best known sites for offering fair prices with quality products.

If you need help choosing new devices, check out 3 Anker products that you can find on the AliExpress website. There are discounts of up to 29%, including clicking here you guarantee an exclusive coupon, ideal to save even more. Come on?

You take a look at the next day’s to-do list and realize that, in the morning, you must attend an online meeting. Why not mark your presence with PowerConf? This is a conference-oriented solution that carries 6 microphones to optimize your voice capture regardless of where you are.

Other features that deserve to be highlighted are the echo cancellation in real time, the ability to de-reverberate and the suppression of ambient noise, besides its universal compatibility with the most used programs on the market, such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype and others.

Finally, the 6,700 mAh battery promises up to 24 hours of uninterrupted experience, and the connection via Bluetooth and USB-C guarantees its use anywhere. It even has a button to leave it in “Mute” mode without complications.

Online meetings can be optimized with PowerConf. (Source: Reproduction)

Is the meeting over? Time to focus on work, and nothing like listening to music while doing tasks. Still, do you need to be on the lookout for incoming calls and voice messages? For this, the Soundcore Liberty 2 it’s ideal, with ultra-light and sturdy wireless headphones.

Noise reduction and 4 microphones are part of the equipment, which delivers personalized settings for use with HearID and up to 7 hours of playback on a single charge.

In addition, the battery of the box can be powered by cable connection and wireless, providing up to 28 hours of charging. It takes 10 minutes for earbuds stay active for 2 hours. Enjoy them during a walk at lunch or a run in the park, that is, wherever and whenever you want.

Anker headphonesWireless headphones for every moment. (Source: Reproduction)

End of working hours and all you want to do is have that perfect dinner, then relax. It’s time to put your favorite music on loud and clear with the Soundcore Motion +.

Its high-resolution speakers, with 30 W of power and wide frequency of bass and treble, arouse sensations that you didn’t even think could exist. With Wave Equalizer, you can adjust the reproductions the way you want for up to 12 hours on a single charge, provided by the 6,700 mAh battery.

Taking it by the pool or in the shower is not dangerous, as the box is completely waterproof. Bluetooth and USB-C connections are also part of the solution.

Speaker AnkerLoud and clear with Anker. (Source: Reproduction)

It doesn’t end there

Those were just three devices, but you can take a look at all the others available on AliExpress, as Anker also has accessories to make your home a smart home – through home security appliances, video projectors, Bluetooth headsets and speakers. Just click here and check.

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