2022 connected watches and bracelets on sale: the essential good deals

The winter sales are also an opportunity to buy a watch or a connected bracelet at a reduced price. In this guide, we have selected for you the best good deals on the web to buy cheaper.

Connected watches sales

Winter sales 2022: the best deals for watches and connected bracelets

Let’s go for the winter sales 2022. It’s the right time to offer yourself a connected watch or bracelet at a reduced price. Online stores currently offer many good deals on models of all ranges. It’s up to you to choose the watch or bracelet that fits your budget and above all meets your needs.

And to go further, we have also produced a selection of the best sales offers on 4G and 5G smartphones for you, as well as others on the best products on sale at the Fnac and Darty and Cdiscount brands.

The best sales offers on connected bracelets

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 at 20 € instead of 50 €

cheap Xiaomi Mi Band 5 bracelet

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is subject to a price reduction during the winter sales at Amazon, Fnac and Darty. It is currently displayed at € 19.99 instead of the suggested price of € 49.99. This is a very interesting price to offer you one of the best connected bracelets of the moment. Although it was released a little over a year ago, the Mi Band 5 remains a current model.

Compared to its predecessor, it introduced simplified charging with a new magnetic system that makes life easier. The bracelet also has the necessary NFC technology for contactless payment, but this option is only available in China for the moment.

As for other features, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 offers full tracking features with 11 detectable exercise modes. You can also track your heart rate, sleep, and fitness. The bracelet offers an autonomy of 14 days.

Huawei Band 6 connected bracelet at € 29.90 instead of € 49.90

Huawei Band 6 at a discount

As part of the winter sales at LeClerc, the Huwei Band 6 is subject to a 40% reduction. The connected bracelet is displayed at the price of € 29.90 instead of € 49.90 in normal times. It’s a chance to buy it cheaper. This is a very complete connected bracelet equipped with a 1.47 inch AMOLED touch screen with a definition of 194 x 368 pixels.

In terms of autonomy, it has a 180 mAh battery allowing it to last for 14 days without recharging. The storage capacity of the connected bracelet is 4 GB. It is also waterproof to a depth of 50 m. Finally, you benefit from several monitoring functions like the level of stress and SpO2 in the blood. The Huawei Band 6 is Bluetooth 5.0 compatible and paired with both Android and iOS devices. Do not hesitate to consult the Huawei Band 6 test to know everything about the connected bracelet.

Honor Band 6 at 39 € instead of 50 €

Honor Band 6 connected bracelet

Cdiscount offers the Honor Band 6 at a lower price during the 2022 winter sales. Its price is currently 39 € on its site when it usually costs € 49.99 on average. You benefit from a 22% reduction. This smart bracelet has a large 1.4 inch AMOLED display that is slightly curved on the sides. This size is quite comfortable for a bracelet. One could easily confuse it with a connected watch.

When it comes to functionalities, you have everything classic for tracking your fitness activities and data. The bracelet has a sensor for heart rate, sleep tracking function, it is able to measure the oxygen level in your blood, etc. Finally, women also have a cycle tracking feature.

Fitbit Inspire 2 connected bracelet at € 77.9 instead of € 99

Fitbit Inspire 2 Connected Bracelet

While it cost 100 € at its launch, the Fitbit Inspire 2 sees its price drop to 77.9 € as part of the winter sales 2022. This corresponds to a reduction not of 22%. Fitbit is one of the benchmark brands in the activity tracker market. With its Inspire 2 model, it offers a quality connected bracelet offering 10 days of autonomy.

The latter has a small monochrome screen that displays important information. The bracelet also offers several activity tracking features. You also have a heart rate monitor, a stress monitoring function and monitoring the female cycle.

Fitbit Charge 4 bracelet at € 99 instead of € 149

fitbit charge 4 promo

Fibit Charge 4 is a high-end connected bracelet. It is found less expensive in the context of the winter sales 2022. The product is subject to a immediate 33% discount which lowers its price to € 99 instead of € 150. With this bracelet, you can program your goals and access a full panel of sports and health tracking features. Measure your heart rate, the quality of your sleep, discover new sports, etc.

Like the Fitibit Inspire 2, it sports a handy small monochrome display for showing essential data. This bracelet offers up to 7 days of autonomy. Its main asset is the integration of a GPS. This is a rare feature on connected bracelets. You can therefore analyze the distances traveled in the active zone without depending on the GPS of your smartphone.

The best deals on connected watches

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite at € 49.99 instead of € 69

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite at the best price

This is the Lite version of the Xiaomi Mi Watch. We therefore move to the category of connected watches. This model sports a touchscreen of 1,4” in definition of 320×320 pixels. It offers up to 120 different interfaces to customize the look as you like. Amazon is offering the connected watch for € 49.99 instead of € 69 at the moment.

The model has a 230 mAh battery that offers 9 days of battery life. And when it is flat, it takes two hours of charging to fully charge it. Regarding the sensors, the watch embeds the systems GPS and GLONASS, a barometer and a pedometer.

You also benefit from several modes of monitoring sports activities. The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is waterproof to a depth of 50 m and finally, it is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi Watch at 99 € instead of 149 €

Xiaomi Mi Watch at a reduced price

After the Lite version, here is a good plan to seize on the high-end version. The standard Xiaomi Mi Watch is also on sale during the winter sales. Thanks to a reduction of 33%, its price drops below 100 €. We find the watch connected to 99 € instead of 149 € at Amazon and Cdiscount right now. This is a great opportunity to offer you this high-end watch with a circular dial.

It offers no less than 117 exercises to follow your daily activities, in addition to allows you to follow a lot of health data. Stress level, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, sleep tracking and body energy, etc. The Xiaomi Mi Watch also has a GPS integrated, which is a big plus.

Finally, it should be noted that the watch has a 1.39 inch AMOLED display in definition 454 x 454 pixels with a brightness that can climb to 450 nits. This automatically adapts to the ambient lighting conditions for optimal readability. The other big advantage of this connected watch is its two-week autonomy.

Garmin Forerunner connected watch 45 at € 110 instead of € 199.99

Garmin Forerunner 45 smartwatch

Fans of the Garmin brand are also entitled to a great offer during the winter sales. The Forerunner 45 smartwatch gets a 45% discount on Amazon. This discount increases its price to € 110, whereas in normal times it is necessary to pay € 200. This corresponds to 89 € savings.

As for the technical sheet of this watch, it is equipped with a color screen offering a definition 208 x 208 pixels. You will also find there a GPS, which is practical to analyze the distances covered in a completely autonomous way.

You also benefit from a safety similar to the Apple Watch drop detection. The watch is indeed able to recognize incidents during certain activities. It then transmits your location immediately to your emergency contacts. Finally, the Garmin Forerunner 45 offers a battery life of up to 7 days.

Take advantage of the winter 2022 sales to treat yourself to the Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch4 in LTE version at € 240 instead of € 450. The connected watch is subject to a 46% reduction on Amazon which corresponds to € 210 savings. This is a great deal on Samsung’s latest smartwatch. This good plan concerns the 44 mm version.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 arbore a 1.35 inch Super AMOLED display and has 1.5 GB RAM associated with 16 GB of storage space. This high-performance watch runs on the Wear OS system and has a 361 mAh battery offering an autonomy of 3 days.

Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular à 349 € 479 €

Apple Watch Series 6 GPS Cellular

This good plan available on the Orange store allows you to recover l’Apple Watch Series 6 in its GPS + Cellular version at a very good price. While it is normally sold at 479 euros, its price has fallen below the bar of 350 euros as part of the winter sales 2022.

This offer is only valid on the blue color (40 mm aluminum case and sport strap). Coming to the technical sheet of the Apple Watch Series 6, it has a brighter Retina Always-On screen that offers good readability even outdoors. Ideal for your sports activities.

The watch is equipped with an Apple S6 and has a 303.8 mAh battery for an autonomy of 18 hours. Finally in terms of features, the Apple Watch Series 6 has several sensors on board offering options such as the level of oxygen in the blood, an ECG app, fall detection, to name a few. To find out more, take a look at our review of the Apple Watch Series 6.

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