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Streaming classic, cult and award-winning films, MUBI is a service that also works as a social network, database and electronic magazine; a variety of functions that may be awkward for new users. For those who are thinking of subscribing to the service, we set up 15 questions and answers about MUBI that answer your main questions. Check out!

Eexpressos Loves (Image: Publicity / MUBI)

1. What is MUBI?

A mix of social media, electronic magazine and streaming, MUBI is a platform available in several countries (including Brazil), focusing on adult audiences who appreciate the art of cinema. The service has a very active community in its network, which in addition to having access to classic, cult and award-winning feature films on demand, is also supplied with news and reports about the film industry.

2. What is the value of your subscription?

For the general population, MUBI has a monthly subscription of R$27.90 or an annual subscription of R$202.80 (R$16.90 per month). For students, however, streaming has a special subscription (in which it is necessary to present university e-mail and graduation date for registration), which costs R$16.90 per month.

3. Do you have a free trial period?

Yes, for the regular subscription (annual or monthly) there is a seven-day free period, while for the student subscription the first 30 days are free.

15 questions and answers about MUBI / MUBI / Disclosure
In The Mood For Love (Image: Publicity / MUBI)

4. How to subscribe to MUBI?

The service can be signed directly from the website or app (available for Android and iOS). In the app, however, the option for student subscription is not available and can only be done via the web.

5. Do you have loyalty or cancellation penalty?

No, MUBI can be canceled at any time for no extra fee.

6. What devices does it work on?

According to the service, in addition to via the web (MAC and PC), the platform also works on Smartphone and Tablet devices (iOS and Android), some models of Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Sony and Android TV) and streaming media players (Apple TV HD/4K, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV and Roku).

On this link you can check the specifications of each device.

15 questions and answers about MUBI / MUBI / Disclosure
The Tree of Life (Image: Publicity / MUBI)

7. What is in the MUBI catalogue?

Very rotating service, MUBI is always with news on demand, including receiving a new film every day to its collection. In this article, we explain better how the divisions of its catalog work, but, in general, the service makes available to its users feature films that are important to the history of cinema, be they classics or new releases.

Chosen by a team of curators, these productions are originals from different nationalities, and can be added individually to the platform or be part of any show available on streaming.

8. Does MUBI have children’s content?

Although some movies in its catalog can be seen by the whole family, the platform has no children’s content and is aimed at an adult audience.

9. Is there original content on the platform?

Yes, currently, in addition to streaming and all its other functions, MUBI is also a film producer and distributor. His first co-production is called Farewell Amor, and premiered in 2020 by director Ekwa Msangi.

15 questions and answers about MUBI / MUBI / Disclosure
Fight Club (Image: Publicity / MUBI)

10. Can I download movies and series for offline viewing?

Yes, but only in the MUBI app (iOS and Android). On the computer this option is not enabled.

11. How many people can watch simultaneously?

The platform supports 2 screens being broadcast at the same time.

12. Why, in addition to streaming, is MUBI also a social network and electronic magazine?

In addition to watching their movies, the MUBI user community can rate and rate productions, interact with each other, follow and be followed by other users, and even create public lists. In addition, in the “Notebook” section, users can stay on top of the film industry, following news, reports and reviews about this universe.

15 questions and answers about MUBI / MUBI / Disclosure
Notturno (Image: Publicity / MUBI)

13. What is the quality, language and subtitles of the movies?

All movies that have a good HD version are available in HD on the platform. In addition, they remain in their original language and have several subtitle options, one of which is Portuguese.

14. Are there list features on the platform?

Yes, in addition to being able to add movies to To watch, it is possible to favorite, rate, criticize and add the movie to specific lists created by the user. In addition, streaming itself creates a category called keep watching, in which movies you started and couldn’t finish appear. In all these lists, you can also remove the productions you want.

15. Is it possible to change size and color of subtitles?

Unfortunately not. There is a standard for the size and color of MUBI subtitles.

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