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One year after the launch of Disney + in the United States, the time has come for the streaming service to debut in Brazilian territory, to gather all content under Mickey’s umbrella: from Moana The Star Wars and Avengers. Check out our selection of questions and answers about Disney + in Brazil. Everything you need to know about the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video competitor.

Disney + (Image: Reproduction)

Disney + (Image: Reproduction)

1. What is Disney + (or Plus)?

Disney + is a streaming platform for series and films under the domain of Mickey’s parent company. Enter not only the animations and live actions of The Walt Disney Studios, but also productions from subsidiaries such as 20th Century (Fox), Marvel, Lucasfilm (franchise) Star Wars), Pixar, among others.

Part of this catalog was found in competitors, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video until September 2020. However, with the announcement of the platform in Brazil, they were removed from other competing streams.

2. When can I watch Disney + in Brazil?

From 17 November 2020.

3. What is the subscription price?

Disney + has two plans: monthly (R $ 27.90) and annual (R $ 279.90). However, there are other ways to subscribe, in combination with other services and operators:

  • With Globoplay:
    In a partnership with Globo, Disney + can be subscribed to Globoplay plans, starting at R $ 43.90 per month to have access to both platforms;
    Globoplay and Disney + (Image: Press Release / Globo)

    Globoplay and Disney + (Image: Press Release / Globo)

  • With Free Market:
    Mercado Livre customers will have up to six months free when subscribing to the annual plan. The variation depends on the user’s level in the Points Market;
  • With Bradesco and Next banks:
    The two banks also offer up to six months of Disney + to customers who choose to subscribe for 12 months in the amount of R $ 27.90. The amount of free monthly fees depends on the card used to sign up;
  • With Vivo plans:
    The Vivo Selfie Disney + postpaid plan includes 25 GB exclusive for streaming the platform in question, in addition to the 25 GB franchise for other uses. Another option is Vivo Fibra with Disney + included.

4. Do you have a free trial period?

No Unfortunately.

5. Do you have loyalty or cancellation penalty?

No, just like Netflix, there is no loyalty in joining. A subscriber can cancel at any time and the user can continue using for the period already paid (example: if you purchased the annual plan and canceled at six months, you will still have six active months). But beware:

  • To obtain a full refund of the amount paid, the consumer must cancel the subscription within 14 days after acceptance of the terms of use – in the case of monthly subscriptions;
  • In case of annual or half-yearly subscriptions, the refund period is 30 days from the date of the first charge.
  • Despite the full refund, if on time, Disney informs that the subscriber can still pay service charges, without saying which ones.

6. What devices does it work on?

Disney + debuted in Brazil with a year of life, since its launch in other parts of the world. Therefore, it is already compatible with the main platforms and has applications on various devices, from Smart TVs, Google Chromecast, video game consoles, smartphones, browsers, etc.

Official Disney + app (Image: Mika Baumeister / Unsplash)

Official Disney + app (Image: Mika Baumeister / Unsplash)

7. What’s in the Disney + catalog?

You need to know that Disney + is the only platform for Disney content (and subsidiaries) in Brazil. Although the catalog varies according to the territory, news and popular films will not be found in the competing streaming.

We have already published a list of films and series confirmed for Brazil at launch.

8. What about the available languages?

Original Disney + content has subtitles and dubbing in 16 languages ​​at launch. According to Disney, other titles available in the catalog have at least 11 languages ​​(including Portuguese, but not specified if it is from Brazil).

The company also says that at each regional launch, new languages ​​will be added.

9. Does Disney + have 4K titles?

Yes! Disney + has some titles selected in 4K Ultra HD, such as Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Frozen. Not every catalog is available in this resolution, this information can be seen on the details page for each title.

10. Does it have a function to download offline?

Yes. This feature is already available at launch. It will be possible to download titles to watch offline on Android, iOS and Amazon Fire tablets (limited to ten devices).

11. Can I create profiles for more people at home?

Disney + allows you to create up to seven profiles per account, to share suggestions and content watched for each family member. There is also a children’s profile modality, with an interface aimed at children and content suitable for the age of the little ones – which can also vary according to the region of the account.

12. Can I watch in group (GroupWatch)?

Not at launch. Disney + has a feature, in tests in Canada, called GroupWatch, which allows group watching of up to six people. However, the function will not arrive in Brazil with the debut of streaming. You will have to wait a while to enjoy series and movies with other people at the same time.

GroupWatch at Disney + (Image: Playback / Disney +)

GroupWatch at Disney + (Image: Playback / Disney +)

13. How many screens can you watch at the same time?

Up to four screens can watch at the same time on Disney +.

14. Does it have Brazilian content?

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Disney + will also have local productions, but not yet at launch.

15. What about Disney + accessibility features?

Subscribers will have access to Closed Caption (CC), audio descriptions, spoken text, color contrast, responsive design (with zoom support) and keyboard navigation (may vary by browser or platform).

With information: Disney.

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