15 fod @ s games you may have missed in 2020

2020 was at the very least complicated. Despite all the problems around the world, several incredible games were released, such as The Last of Us – Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Hades, who loved legions of fans and won several awards.

And just like every year before this, many great games have been released, but have not received as much attention from the gamer community. Because of that, we came to present 15 fod @ s games that you may have missed in 2020.

1. Fae Tactics

(PC and Nintendo Switch)

Fae Tactics, from Endless Fluff Games, is for those who are looking for an RPG game with turn-based combat that resembles great classics of the genre from the time of “Nintendinho”.

The protagonist is Peonny, a witch behind her mother. To face the dangers of the world, she goes in search of new spells and allies that will accompany her on this journey.

The story is intriguing and the narrative rhythm very good, but the “star of the night” really is the combat that abuses verticality and is simple to understand, but very complicated to master. Quite a challenge for those who decide to venture into the game.

two. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

(PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch)

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

If there’s one thing I never thought I’d say in my entire life, it’s that planting rice can be really fun, but only if you play Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, from Edelweiss.

The action game has 2.5D visuals and combat based on platform elements and crazy combos. Even with the “porradaria running wild”, everything involves rice cultivation – this in order not to starve.

Then, the player at the same time that explores the island and hits whoever appears in the front also removes weeds and puts the right amount of water in the plantation.

3. Spiritfarer

(PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch)

Spiritfarer for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

Cartoonish visuals, captivating characters and a very deep construction and management system, these are some characteristics that it presents Spiritfarer, title of Canadian Thunder Lotus Games.

The adventure starring Stella and her cat, Daffodil, is fraught with difficulties that can be overcome with exploration and crafting, in addition to the very welcome help of charismatic characters we encounter along the way.

If you liked Animal Crossing (from Nintendo) and looking for a more peaceful adventure, with “good vibes”, contrasting a lot with the year the game was released, go for sure Spiritfarer.

4. Othercide

(PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch)

Gothic RPG Othercide Locks In Its PS4 Release Date - PlayStation Universe

If you take a deep cauldron, put a tactical gameplay, the roguelike genre, elements of terror and inspiration in great works published in different formats, you will see Othercide.

The player controls a small army of female warriors who have huge swords and giant weapons that can be used to defeat all enemies on the way, but caution is necessary to avoid being caught off guard.

Its tactical gameplay is incredible, both for those who are fans of the genre and for those who are wanting to enter this universe. The art direction is dark, the storyline is engaging and the soundtrack is wonderful. A “full plate” for explorers in the gaming world.

5. Desperados III

(PS4, Xbox One and PC)

Buy Desperados III - Microsoft Store en-IN

2020 was an interesting year for strategy fans, but for the vast majority, these titles ended up going off the radar. Because of this, a great recommendation for anyone who wants to come up with the most amazing moves in a dangerous old west is the game Desperados III.

Developed by the Germans of Mimimi Games, the game acts as a prequel to the first game in the series and follows the protagonist, John Cooper, in the American West during the expansion of the 19th century.

Even though it is a strategic game, the player can choose more actionable gameplay through the “showdown” mode, which temporarily pauses the game and allows the creation of a chain of actions to defeat all enemies.

6. Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2

(PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch)

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

The look can be deceiving, but not only Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2 was launched in 2020 as it shows that the classic formula Castlevania still work very well today.

The great mechanics of the game is the change between the members of your team, which are acquired over time. Each has its own abilities that allow access to certain areas or attack enemies from a specific distance.

The title is able to convey the feeling of playing a game from “Nintendinho”, but with different mechanics and balances, which have been studied and learned over the years. Very recommended!

7. Call of the Sea

(Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC)

Watch the first 18 minutes of Call Of The Sea on Xbox Series X - Addicts

Launched this year, Call of the Sea he arrived without making a big deal, but he won over several players around the world for his absolutely wonderful graphics, his extremely engaging narrative and his puzzles that heat up his head.

The player is in the shoes of Norah, a woman who is looking for her husband, who went on an expedition to an island in the Pacific in search of a cure for his wife’s illness, but ends up getting involved with ancient and very powerful.

The plot is inspired by the tales of the American cosmic horror writer H. P. Lovecraft and even though we do not have direct interaction with other human characters, we create an affection for each one of them and care about the end that they will have.

8. The Pathless

(PS4, PS5 and PC)

Giant Squid aims to connect with players in The Pathless - Unreal Engine

The Pathless it’s a quirky game, but beautiful and fun. He values ​​his curiosity when presenting a magnificent world, full of ruins with several puzzles to be solved.

The gold of the game is in its movement, with the player being able to walk, slide and fly. To run and shoot markings on the map, it is necessary to use the bow and arrow. Fortunately, it is not necessary to be Robin Hood for this, since the idea is fun and not precision.

Without a map to access or a fast travel, the game basically throws you in an inhospitable environment and says “go there, champion” – which was the best decision of the game’s developers.

9. Trials of Mana

(PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch)

Trials Of Mana: leaked information that the game will receive demo

And who received a new game in 2020 was the franchise Manna, with the launch of the action RPG Trials of Mana, which is a 3D remake of the title that initially came out for the Super Nintendo in the mid-1990s.

Even bringing several modifications to the title, such as gameplay and visuals, in order to please mainly the western audience, the game maintains the same plot as the original, which was very well seen by the old school fans of the saga.

So if you are looking for a dense, fun JRPG that mixes classic and modern in a balanced way, without a doubt Trials of Mana is your title!

10. Carrion

(Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch)

Analysis: Carrion (Multi) brings a fun and monstrous adventure - GameBlast

Phobia Game Studio thought “what would it be like if we put the player in the skin of the monster instead of the hero who needs to kill the villain?” The result is Carrior, in which the player must use the monster’s tentacles to kill enemies and advance the levels.

Even though it is much bigger and stronger than human enemies, who are locked in a secret base through us, it is complicated, because they are in greater numbers and use weapons to attack us.

However, anyone who thinks the game is about unbridled killings is mistaken. The game has many puzzles to solve and several elements of metroidvania. Therefore, it is necessary to use your head and be patient to reach the endgame.

11. Mortal Shell

(PS4, Xbox One and PC)

Mortal Shell - Mortal Shell

It is not very easy to find good soulslike games on the market today. Most of what we have out there are copies of games from FromSoftware or have several problems that leave the experience frustrating. In this “sea of ​​hopelessness”, we find a small oasis: Mortal Shell.

Yes, everything seems too familiar. He never hides his inspirations in Dark Souls, but it has its own aura, history and climate, which gives a feeling of freshness and novelty.

The first game by developer Cold Symmetry, formed by several industry veterans, has extremely solid, fun and unforgiving gameplay that will please the most demanding fan of the RPG subgenre.

12. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

(PS4, Xbox One and PC)

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot | Analysis | Squared Potato

Who looks at first, thinks that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot it’s just another game in the manga series starring Son Goku, but the one that gives the title a chance is very impressed.

In addition to being extremely faithful to the original content, the game addresses the classic sagas of Warriors Z, mixing intense battles against powerful villains and moments of exploration in open environments.

To be able to freely visit the known places of animes and find beloved characters doing their chores or just enjoying the environment, which gives a great sense of immersion and can please the Saiyan card-carrying fans very much.

13. Have got has got

(PS5, Xbox Series and PC)

Temtem: Meet the Pokémon style MMO that has become a fever - 30/01/2020 - UOL Start

Have got has got it seems to have the face, taste and smell of a Pokémon MMO, but it is much more than that! You explore the world while capturing monsters and battling other trainers.

In the gameplay mechanics, many complaints and requests made by fans of the pocket monster franchise are here, like not having to erase one power to add another. Not only that, but there are also original ideas, like the stamina bar.

All battles are 2 x 2, 100% online, featuring a coop system and having a wide variety of side missions to do. This is creating and innovating based on an old idea.

14. Spelunky 2

(PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch)

Spelunky 2 review | PC Gamer

After 12 years of waiting, the sequel to the incredible Spelunky arrived and impressed. Spelunky 2 has as protagonist Ana, daughter of the main character of the previous game, who has the arduous task of exploring the Moon in search of her loved one.

The game levels are generated procedurally and always present new challenges that need to be overcome in order to continue advancing; otherwise, the player will have to go back to the beginning and try to do it all over again.

Getting a powerful weapon early on will make the adventure a lot easier and easier, but that doesn’t mean that the challenges along the way will disappear. You never know what is expected in the dark.

15. Ghostrunner

(PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and Nintendo Switch)

Ghostrunner files - Blog of Atacado Games

As we know, Cyberpunk universes are in fashion and, in this footprint, we have the newly launched Ghostrunner, from the Polish studio One More Level. The game mixes several platform elements, including wall races, with unrestrained and frantic action.

The player must use the character’s katana to reach his enemies and take advantage of the ability to slow down to analyze the environment, putting together the best strategy that will take him to the end of each level.

Over the course of the game, very strong new powers are released, which will increase the lethality of Jack the Ghostrunner. In return, enemies will become stronger and environments more complicated.

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