15 Best Thriller Movies Available on HBO Max

The HBO Max catalog is packed with great productions, made by renowned filmmakers and with a star-studded cast. If you’re a thriller fan, you can’t miss some of the best productions of the genre available in streaming.

Enjoy our selection and don’t forget to comment which one is your favorite!

1. Dial M To Kill (1954)

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic has dubious characters that will confuse viewers in every way. In the plot, a man wants to kill his wife to keep his inheritance, but for that he needs the help of an old friend. Also, the phone’s noise is the indicator of when the killer should act.

2. The Panic Room (2002)

After having their home invaded by three thugs, mother and daughter (played by Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart) take refuge in a secure room on the premises, with privileged access to security cameras. However, their tormentors are very interested in finding them.

3. Training Day (2001)

The film that earned Denzel Washington an Oscar for Best Actor tells the story of a young police officer (played by Ethan Hawke) who teams up with a corporate veteran involved in various corruption schemes. However, the duo need to link up in whatever way they can to get out of a big problem with the Russian mafia if they don’t want to die.

4. Millennium: Men Who Didn’t Love Women (2011)

Based on the novel by Swede Stieg Larsson, the Hollywood version of Millennium there are scenes that will make viewers squirm. The film follows the investigation of decaying journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig), hired by a local tycoon to investigate his niece’s disappearance.

5. The origin (2010)

Directed by Christopher Nolan and with a great cast, The origin infiltrates the dream world, when an unconscious secret thief and his team need to add an idea in the mind of the heir to a true empire. For that, they need to reach deep layers, where everything is even more dangerous.

6. the vulture (2014)

Determined to make money the easy way, Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) decides to infiltrate the world of criminal journalism, in which, with his impactful images, he can manage to elevate the audience of several programs in a sensationalist way. Gradually, however, he realizes how extremely dangerous this business can be.

7. the most wanted man (2014)

With long breathtaking sequences, the film with Philip Seymour Hoffman shows how a single man could be the target of several international entities, as well as criminals who would be watching his hypothetical heritage.

8. Butterfly Effect (2004)

In this electrifying film, Ashton Kutcher plays a young man who can travel through time and change certain traumatic events in his life. However, every time this happens, its fate is also changed, something that culminates in real catastrophes in alternate realities.

9. International intrigue (1959)

Another Hitchcock classic also appears on the list as a possibility for suspense fans. In the plot, Roger O. Thornhill (Cary Grant) is mistaken for a spy and pursued by an organization whose interests are linked to the theft of a secret microfilm.

10. Argo (2012)

Inspired by a true story that was hidden for years, the film by Ben Affleck, winner of the Oscar for Best Picture in 2013, shows how six American diplomats were rescued from Iran during the country’s revolution during the 1970s. The CIA’s strategy was develop a non-existent science fiction movie to convince local authorities to release them.

11. The Small Remains (2021)

The protagonist of this film is Denzel Washington, who plays an experienced police officer, famous for his attention to detail in the midst of investigations. Willing to help another detective to hunt down a serial killer, little by little, small traces are being found about his dark past.

12. Westworld: Where No One Has Soul (1973)

Long before the eponymous HBO series debuted on television, a movie about Westworld was released in theaters. The plot explores a theme park in which androids interact in scenarios already known in world history. However, a technical problem ends up turning all the characters into a great danger for visitors to the site.

13. Tenet (2020)

After several delays due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the new film by Christopher Nolan was released in theaters and also on HBO Max. much more dangerous than I imagined.

14. Emergency call (2013)

With Halle Berry in the lead role, the characters are articulated through an emotional conversation. In the film, a teenager who has been kidnapped calls the emergency service for help. The most shocking thing is that the attendant handling the case recognizes the kidnapper’s voice, given that he has done something to her in the past.

15. the Maltese Falcon (1941)

To close the list, another classic that deserves spectators’ attention. The film in question shows how a detective full of interesting nuances embarked on a mission fraught with danger to conquer a historical artifact of immeasurable value.

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