15 Best Netflix Series to Marathon This Month

Netflix accumulates in its catalog many renowned works, in addition to its highly awarded original productions and concentrating the largest audiences ever registered. The biggest streaming platform today has series for all tastes, moments and from different nationalities.

TecMundo prepared a list of series available on the platform, ranked according to its note on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) — one of the largest online databases on the cinema and entertainment industry — based on the evaluations of users of the platform.

Check out the 15 Best Netflix Series to marathon this month.

1. Breaking Bad (IMDb — 9,4/10)

Walter White is a brilliant chemist who finds himself in a frustrating situation teaching high school teenagers while struggling to pay the bills. The feeling extends to your personal life when you discover you have cancer in the lung at an advanced stage.

With his son suffering from cerebral palsy and his wife pregnant, Walt joins his former student, Jesse Pinkman, and decides to produce meth as a quick way to raise money to keep his family safe after his death.

Jesse and Walt, respectively, in Breaking Bad (Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Jesse and Walt, respectively, in Breaking Bad. (Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Fonte:  Netflix

Breaking Bad is considered a modern classic of the drama series, and its success is not only due to the huge number of fans, but it was enshrined in awards throughout its five seasons. the universe of Breaking Bad still yielded successful productions like Better Call Saul (IMDb — 8.8/10), 2015, and the film El Camino: a Breaking Bad Movie (IMDb — 7.3/10) released in 2020, also available on Netflix.

2. Arcane (IMDb — 9,4/10)

Arcane, the highest rated Netflix original series on IMDb, is based on the game League Of Legends of Riot Games. The main focus of the story is the rivalry between the Vi and Jinx sisters, while the kingdoms of Piltover and Zaun find themselves out of balance due to hextec — a tool capable of imparting mystical abilities to anyone.

The series also tells the origin of other characters in the game and the path they traced to get to where they arrived. Its 2nd season has already been announced and should be released in 2023.

3. Rick and Morty (IMDb — 9,2/10)

Rick and Morty (Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Rick and Morty. (Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Fonte:  Netflix

Rick and Morty tells the surreal adventures of a genius scientist and alcoholic and his 14-year-old grandson. The animated comedy series presents unrealistic scenarios alongside conflicted family relationships, mixing hilarious moments with philosophical reflections on life. With two Emmys for Best Animated Series in five seasons, the story will win a live-action movie announced for 2022.

4. the Queen’s Gambit (IMDb — 8,9/10)

With an Emmy for Best Miniseries in 2021, the Queen’s Gambit is a drama story that features Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) and her journey to become the greatest chess player. Amid a turbulent childhood and drinking problems, his genius is at risk when the escape from reality proves most tempting.

5. Dark (IMDb — 8,8/10)

(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Fonte:  Netflix

The 2017 German production has three seasons and follows the story of four different families whose lives are impacted after the mysterious disappearance of two children. The sci-fi drama series takes place in the quiet town of Winden and features many twists and turns as family secrets begin to unravel.

6. Stranger Things (IMDb — 8,8/10)

Stranger Things is a science fiction series set in the 1980s in a small town in the United States called Hawkins. The plot follows a group of children who are investigating the disappearance of one of their friends, Will, as they meet a mysterious new girl named Eleven, who promises to help them find her friend.

The Kids’ Adventures has garnered many fans over the years since its release in 2016, and with its 4th season slated for 2022, it’s one of the most anticipated and most loved productions among the Netflix originals.

7. Black Mirror (IMDb — 8,8/10)

The British sci-fi series explores the consequences of a modern future through satirical stories that demonstrate the downside of living so heavily into technology. Each episode is an individual story, the series has five seasons and a movie on the streaming service.

The name Black Mirror it refers to the screens that surround us daily and how society moves towards becoming increasingly hostage to new technologies and their diverse consequences.

8. Mindhunter (8,6/10)

Mindhunter is a detective series that follows two FBI agents responsible for a project to solve murders, based on interviews with famous serial killers — trying to understand their minds, their ways of acting and trying to prevent other cases. The series has two seasons and many fans are eagerly awaiting the third.

9. The Crown (8,6/10)

The Crown is one of Netflix’s top original productions and tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy/Olivia Colman), her journey to assume the crown of England, and all the developments surrounding the British royal family. The drama series has garnered renowned awards throughout its four seasons, including Emmys for Best Screenplay and Best Drama Direction, as well as Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress in 2021.

10. The Curse of the Hill Residence (IMDb — 8,6/10)

The Crain family, consisting of Hugh, Olivia and their five children: Steven, Shirley, Theodora (or Theo) and twins Luke and Eleanor (or Nell), move into the Hill Residence in the summer of 1992. With the intention of renovating the mansion and sell it, as Olivia is an architect, the family goes through delicate moments being forced to leave the house after the tragic death of the matriarch.

The plot of the series involves two moments: the events of 1992, while they were in residence, and the traumas faced by the family 26 years later, in 2018, when they are forced to return to the residence and face the ghosts of the past.

11. Maid (IMDb — 8,5/10)

Maid is an original miniseries from Netflix that tells the story of Alex, a young mother, and her journey working cleaning houses. After escaping an abusive relationship, she and her daughter are taken in by a shelter for victims of abuse. The drama series is in-depth and covers many reflections on maturation, social vulnerability and relationships.

12. Vikings (IMDb — 8,5/10)

(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Fonte:  Netflix

Vikings tells about the life of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), leader of his band and greatest warrior of that period. With his family, he seeks the power to become king of the Viking tribe. The series features details about Norse traditions, epic battles and their gods, and its six seasons are available on the streaming service.

13. Ozark (8,4/10)

Ozark is an original Netflix series, winner of Emmys for Best Drama Series Direction and Best Supporting Actress for a 2020 Drama Series, and tells the story of a typical traditional family. However, Marty Bird’s (Jason Bateman) job isn’t all that traditional: he is responsible for money laundering Mexico’s second-largest drug cartel.

14. Modern Family (IMDb — 8,4/10)

(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Fonte:  Netflix

The comedy series presents the daily lives of three distinct but interconnected families. Jay Pritchett is Claire and Mitchell’s father. He is an older man married to the Latina Gloria, years younger than him, and lives with her son Manny. Claire is married to Phil, with whom they had three children: Hailey, Alex and Luke. Mitchell lives with her husband Cameron and adopted daughter Lily. Modern Family has 11 seasons and features unlikely scenarios and how the family handles their differences creatively and dynamically. Check out one of the most famous scenes from the series:

15. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (IMDb — 8,4/10)

Set at the 99th New York Police Station in Brooklyn, the comedy series follows the adventures of detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and his co-workers, with the arrival of new captain, Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher). Brooklyn Nine-Nine has seven seasons available to marathon on Netflix while the 8th — and final — isn’t there yet.

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