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A national passion, football has already inspired countless works in cinema and TV, whether in fictional plots, which have sport as the backdrop for their narratives, or in real plots, which dramatize or are a documentary production of a story. . For those who are a fan of seeing the ball on the field, we selected 14 series and movies about football available on Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+ and HBO Max platforms. Check it out!

Ted Lasso (Image: Handout / Apple TV+)


1. Ted Lasso [Apple TV+]

Apple TV+ Original Series, Ted Lasso was the winner of seven Emmy 2021 statuettes. The production follows in the footsteps of an American football coach, who faces some personal problems when he is invited to coach an English football team that competes in the Premier League. Even though he doesn’t understand anything about the sport, he accepts the challenge, willing to bring his team spirit to AFC Richmond.

  • Creation: Bill Lawrence
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 22 (2 seasons)
  • List: Jason Sudeikis e Hannah Waddingham
  • Link no Apple TV+

2. The English Game [Netflix]

Co-created by Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey), The English Game mixes both real and fictional events and characters. Its plot, which is set in 1870, tells the story of workers Fergus Suter and Jimmy Love, who at a time when football was still an elite and amateur sport, are hired to be the first salaried professional players in the FA Cup. .

  • Creation: Julian Fellowes, Tony Charles e Oliver Cotton
  • Year: 2020
  • Episodes: 6 (1 season)
  • List: Edward Holcroft e Kevin Guthrie
  • Link na Netflix

3. Club of Ravens [Netflix]

Ended after four seasons, Ravens Club is a Netflix original Mexican production. The show revolves around two brothers who, after a family tragedy, inherit a football team, Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo, from their father. With both interested in presiding over the club, a family dispute begins, which puts brother and brother on opposite sides and mixes with the dramas and problems faced by the team.

  • Creation: Gaz Alazraki and Mike Lam
  • Year: 2015
  • Episodes: 45 (4 seasons)
  • List: Luis Gerardo Mendez and Mariana Treviño
  • Link na Netflix

4. Apache: The Life of Carlos Tevez [Netflix]

Dramatized miniseries that tells the story of the soccer player of the same name, Apache: The Life of Carlos Tevez It is an Argentine production. In the plot, we follow the entire trajectory of the player, from the incident when he was a baby when he had 50% of his body burned and his poor and suffering childhood in the Fuerte Apache favela, to the beginning of his football career and ascension in the fields with Boca Juniors.

  • Year: 2019
  • Episodes: 8 (1 season)
  • List: Balthazar Murillo and Vanesa González
  • Link na Netflix

5. Juventus: First Team [Netflix]

Documentary series about Juventus Football Club, Juventus: First Team was split into two parts of three episodes each. Focusing on some moments on the pitch, but also on the backstage of the club, the production covers the 2017-18 season of Juventus in the Italian Championship and in the Champions League.

6. PSG City of Light, 50 Years of Legend [Amazon Prime Video]

15 football-themed movies and series available on streaming / Amazon Prime Video / Disclosure
PSG City of Light, 50 Years of Legend (Image: Disclosure / Amazon Prime Video)

Prime Video exclusive title, PSG City of Light, 50 Years of Legend is yet another documentary series on this list. Focusing on Paris Saint-Germain, the traditional French football club, the series portrays the daily lives of the team’s famous stars (players such as the Brazilian Neymar and the French Mbappé), accompanying them during the final of the 2019/20 season, when , like the rest of the world, football was also facing the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

7. Captain Tsubasa [Amazon Prime Video]

15 football-themed movies and series available on streaming / Amazon Prime Video / Disclosure
Captain Tsubasa (Image: Handout / Amazon Prime Video)

Remake of the 1983 manga, Captain Tsubasa is an animation by the studio David Productions. Its story follows the boy Tsubasa Ozora, a boy who has been passionate about football since he was little and who, after moving with his mother to the city of Nankatsu, joins a sports team where he pursues his dream with even more intensity.

8. Maradona: Conquest of a Dream [Amazon Prime Video]

Prime Video Original Series, Maradona: Conquest of a Dream is a dramatized biographical production of the life of football star Diego Maradona. Interspersing some real footage from the player’s story, the show is built through the memories of an older Maradona, who remembers his life after suffering an overdose. In these memories, we follow him from his childhood and beginnings in football, to his rise and peak in sport, leading to a third age with serious health problems.

  • Showrunner: Alexander Aimetta
  • Year: 2021
  • Episodes: 10 (1 season)
  • List: Juan Palomino, Nazareno Casero and Nicolás Goldschmidt
  • Link no Prime Video


9. Miller & Fried – The Origins of the Country of Football [Amazon Prime Video]

2016 documentary, Miller & Fried – The Origins of Football Country is a film that, through testimonies and archive images, talks about the arrival of football in Brazil at the end of the 19th century. In the title, we know in detail the story of how Charles Miller, a Brazilian who lived in England and was a fan of the sport, brought him to the country, and, as a few years later, Arthur Friedenreich took the first steps to transform him into a national craze.

10. Saint Mark [Amazon Prime Video]

Full plate for the goalkeeper’s admirers, saint mark is a documentary of just over an hour long, which talks about the professional trajectory of one of the great stars of the sport in the country. With interviews and testimonials from several players who played games with him, the feature shows all his history on the fields, highlighting important moments of his career, such as the 2002 World Cup.

11. Diego Maradona [HBO Max]

Feature film that could not be missing from a list of films about football, Diego Maradona is a documentary made with the support of the player himself and released at the Cannes Film Festival. The title, composed of more than 500 hours of unpublished recordings from his own personal archive, goes back not only to the professional but also the personal trajectory of the ace, showing his days of glory and triumph, and the difficulties faced along the way.

12. Pele [Netflix]

Another documentary film from this selection is Skin, a Netflix original production released in 2021. The title tells the story of what is considered one of the greatest football players in the world and who had a long and brilliant rise in Brazilian fields, while bringing the period of extreme political turmoil that the country faced with the military dictatorship.

13. Santo Time [Netflix]

spanish feature film, Santo Time is a comedy film about football with a somewhat unusual plot. In the story, a priest passionate about football and willing to prevent a monastery from being sold for the construction of a hotel, convinces the uncoordinated local monks to compete and win the Champions Clerum, the football championship of priests that can bring the prestige that they need.

  • Direction: Curro Velazquez
  • Year: 2017
  • List: Alain Hernandez and
  • Link na Netflix

14. O Divine Baggio [Netflix]

Title based on the true story of the player Roberto Baggio, O Divino Baggio is an Italian feature film. In the plot, we follow some of the main moments and people that influenced the great career of the player, while knowing more about his personality and his figure beyond the fields.

  • Direction: Letizia Lamartine
  • Year: 2021
  • List: Andrea Arcangeli and Valentina Bellè
  • Link na Netflix

What about you, do you recommend other football series and movies available on streaming? Share your favorites with us!

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