14 cool and unknown Nintendo DS games

When it was released in 2004, the Nintendo DS opened the doors of the gaming world to all types of gamers. From the most hardcore to casual, the laptop had a lot of appeal to all types of gamers thanks to its two screens — one of which is touch-sensitive.

The pocket video game was so successful that to this day it is the Big N’s best-selling platform, in addition to being the best-selling laptop of all time. Being so popular, it is clear that the pet received many releases, and today we are going to talk about those cool games that reached the pocket console but never reached as much audience or success as games like Mario, Zelda and Pokémon.

14 unknown Nintendo DS games

We’ve rounded up 14 titles released for the Big N’s dual-screen laptop that you may not know about, or maybe you’ve never even heard of.

Aliens Infestation

A real playground for fans of Metroid e Castlevania, Aliens Infestation incorporates gameplay and features from the adventures of Samus and the Belmont family into the space battle against the Xenomorphs. Controlling up to four combatants, you must go through the map sessions in search of weapons and items that will help you advance in the story while having to deal with the alien threat.

Something interesting added to the mix is ​​that the game has a permanent kill system. If all four characters on the player’s team are killed, it is game over. It is possible, however, to replace fallen soldiers with others that can be found throughout the exploration.

Elite Beat Agents

Without a doubt, Elite Beat Agents is one of the best rhythm and music games released for the Nintendo DS… but it was also a sales flop. It’s even strange and a little sad to see that such a cool game ended up falling into oblivion.

Extremely fun and with songs from great artists and groups like Deep Purple, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Avril Lavigne, Village People and Madonna, unfortunately because of low sales the game never received a sequel.

Fossil Fighters

Fossil Fighters it’s basically Pokémon if pocket monsters games were only about Kabutos, Aerodactyls and Dracovishs. Here, players must explore excavation sites in search of “bones” of prehistoric monsters to revive them as Vivosaurs, dinosaurs endowed with elemental powers that can be used in battles against other excavators.

Seriously, that’s what the game is all about — and it’s a lot of fun!

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Sissel died. of what? He does not know. In fact, he doesn’t even know who he was before he died. And now, the ghost must use his newfound powers to investigate his past and his end — all while saving a few lives in the process.

Switching between the world of the dead and the world of the living, where she can use her ghostly tricks (the Ghost Tricks of the title), Sissel must use all the tools at her disposal to influence people’s decisions to gain access to new areas and advance her career. investigation.

Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure

Mixing action, adventure and puzzles, Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure it uses the Nintendo DS’s two screens very well: on the top screen, you have to walk the path and fight enemies that, when defeated, are sent to the bottom screen as little blocks. On the lower screen, you have to move the blocks to form groups of three or more, making them disappear.

When the player fails to group blocks, they go up until they touch the top of the screen, then they are revived on the upper screen and need to be defeated again. Grouping and destroying blocks increases Henry Hatsworth’s special gauge, as well as being able to restore his health and grant perks to be used on the top screen of the Nintendo DS. The game is quite fun and can be quite challenging.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

One of my favorites on this list, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is an adventure game in which players control former detective Kyle Hyde, who now works as a salesman. In search of his missing partner, Hyde stays at the Hotel Dusk, more specifically in the mythical Room 215 which, according to “legend”, is able to grant wishes.

Holding the Nintendo DS sideways as if it were a book, players must use the touch screen to control the action, selecting where the detective should go and what he should do. By talking to the other guests, the story unfolds and Hyde begins to discover more about the mysteries of the place and about his own past.

Infinite Space

Developed by Platinum Games, the same game producer as Bayonetta, Nier Automata e Astral Chain, Infinite Space is a sci-fi RPG that puts players in the role of Yuri, a young man who leads a group of space explorers. In practice, the role of the players is to manage the group’s fleet, making improvements to the spaceships and so on.

In addition to battling in the far reaches of space, players must also interact with NPCs, through options of actions and dialogue, selecting the direction of the unfolding of the story.

Ivy The Kiwi?

in the series games Mario, you control Mario. In The Legend of Zelda, players control Link. In Metroid, we play the role of Samus. In Ivy the Kiwi?, instead of taking control of Ivy, our task is to influence the character’s course by creating paths in the form of vines so that little Kiwi can reach the end of the stage safely.

As with the vast majority of Nintendo DS games, the gameplay is focused on the laptop’s touch screen. Tapping and sliding the stylus across the screen allows players to influence Ivy’s path through the levels, dodging enemies, avoiding spikes, and even creating a slingshot effect to destroy walls and open up new, blocked passages. Although it was also released for Wii and iOS, on the Nintendo DS the gameplay matches perfectly with the pen and the touchscreen.

Lost in Blue

When their boat is caught in a terrible storm, Keith and Skye end up stranded and lost on a desert island. Their only chance of survival is to explore the place, finding food, gathering resources and building places where they can stay safe. One of the coolest features of this Konami game is that, because it doesn’t have a linear plot, when playing and replaying and playing again, it’s possible to get several different endings.

Another interesting point of Lost in Blue is that you always have to stay close to Skye throughout the game. As the girl suffers from vision problems, it is up to the player to constantly keep her safe, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game.

Luminous Arc

Initially acting as an elite force of the Luminous Church religious government in its literal witch hunt, the group known as the Garden Children ends up allying with the witches to fight the corrupt rulers and their royal plans.

Luminous Arc is a highly entertaining strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS that spawned two sequels before its production company, Imageepoch, went bankrupt.

Monster Tale

One of the coolest platform games with Metroidvania-style gameplay on the late Big N portable ended up being overlooked precisely because of its release date. Because it was released in March 2011, just a few days before the Nintendo 3DS hit the market, Monster Tale arrived on the Nintendo DS and many people chose not to give the game a chance, preferring to check out the releases of the new portable with 3D screen.

The adventure, which according to Majesco should be re-released for current video games, tells the story of Ellie, a girl who needs to fight the Kid-Kings to save the world from monsters and be able to return home.


With gameplay that is very reminiscent of the view in games like Metroid Prime, Doom e Halobut with the addition of many adventure elements, Moon It doesn’t even look like a Nintendo DS game. With 3D graphics full of details and running at a very stable 60 fps, Renagade Kid’s title surprised when it arrived on Nintendo’s handheld.

The game tells the story of a US military man on the moon in the year 2058, when the US sets up a base on the natural satellite and discovers a number of mysterious hatches. During his investigation, Major Kane ends up being contaminated by a strange gas that grants him physical enhancements, but in return he now has to fight a space threat.

Soul Bubbles

Using the Nintendo DS touch screen and stylus pen, in Soul Bubbles your role is to carry souls safely from one point of the map to another inside bubbles. Players can use some masks that grant special powers, such as separating and joining bubbles, for example, which help a lot when going through more complex or tight areas.

The gameplay is very simple, basically consisting of making the character “blow” by sliding the pen on the touch screen, directing the bubble with the souls through the stages. If your bubble touches thorns or is attacked by wild animals, for example, it bursts and the souls are adrift. In this case, you need to use the stylus to draw a circle around the spirits to create a new bubble. From the description, it may even seem that the game is boring or bland — but in fact it is a lot of fun.

The Adventures of Cookie & Cream

Before making players break their rage controls with their famous souls-like like Elden Ring, FromSoftware has released all sorts of games, including some really fun ones. This was precisely the case for The Adventures of Cookie & Cream released in 2000 for PS2 and later in 2007 for Nintendo DS.

The title followed Cookie and Cream, two bunnies who are on their way home to celebrate a moon festival. There’s only one problem: the moon has disappeared! Now, the duo needs to go on a journey full of mini games and puzzles to bring the natural satellite back and be able to party again with the other members of the village.

And you, what’s your favorite “unknown” Nintendo DS game? Say it in the comments!

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