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Sifu, a martial arts game produced by independent studio Sloclap and released for PS4, PS5 and PC caught the attention of the community for being a difficult game and even frustrating at some points. To get around this issue, check out 13 tips in Sifuwhich will help you to progress and die much less in the combats of this challenging game.

These tips in Sifu will make your life easier (Image: Sloclap/ Publicity)

1. Understand how your structure bar works

There is a yellow bar at the bottom of the screen that fills up as your character defends enemy blows. When this bar is full, your character’s defense is broken, he is stunned and unable to defend himself. As all suffering is little, the enemy blow that enters after the defense is broken usually causes enormous damage.

To avoid this problem, use dodges, parry opponents’ blows, use fast scroll (R2 button on Playstation), to gain a little distance until the bar is empty.

Gif fight with dodges
Use fast scrolling and dodge a lot (Image: André Leonardo/ Tecnoblog)

2. Know how to recover energy during combat

13 tips in Sifu - Fight against Kuroki
Breaking the enemy’s structure bar is an important tip in Sifu. (Image: Reproduction / André Leonardo)

Enemies’ structure bar fills as they are hit. By breaking the opponent’s bar it is possible to use the “takedowns”. Powerful blows that finish off enemies, even if your health bar hasn’t reached its end.

When performing a takedown, a fraction of your energy is recovered. This is the only way to recover energy during combat. Unfortunately, here you won’t find roast chickens in the garbage.

Sifu Tips - builds
The temples are used to build your build in Sifu (Image: André Leonardo/ Tecnoblog)

During the stages, there are temples with the figure of a dragon, which allow you to increase a special attribute of the protagonist. These are abilities such as: increasing the durability of weapons, recovering the structure bar after performing a perfect dodge, or increasing the amount of energy received after performing a takedownamong others.

It is not possible to max out all attributes, because after the first use, the temple is disabled, so it is important to make upgrades that match your playstyle.

When I started, my focus was to increase the durability of weapons, after I understood how to master dodge, I started to focus on skills linked to this attribute.

4. Test moves before releasing them permanently

You don’t have all the moves at the beginning of the game. You need to earn experience points and release them as you progress. You have to pay a certain amount of experience to unleash an attack in a match, but to unleash it permanently, you have to repeat the process five times.

Unleash an attack, make tests to see if it works well for you. If you like the blow, invest in releasing it permanently, otherwise, go for another one.

5. Learn to use Focus Attack

“Focus Attacks” they are powerful blows that cannot be defended and stun enemies, however, they need a certain amount of the “Focus” bar, filled as you land blows, dodge and parry attacks.

When you have at least one bar level, just press L2 and select the available moves. Use these attacks primarily against strong enemies, armed henchmen, and bosses.

6. Release the Strong Trigger

Sifu Tips - Strong Trick
The strong sweep is one of the best moves in Sifu (Image: André Leonardo/ Tecnoblog)

In my opinion, this is Focus Attack most useful in the game. Spend only one bar, knocking enemies down, allowing you to then attack them on the ground, dealing damage to their health and structure bars. This move is also very useful against bosses.

7. Switch between high and low attacks

Just like our character, enemies need to use different commands to defend high blows and leg strikes. Finishing a high hit combo with a low attack increases your chances of knocking down an opponent.

8. Always hit fallen enemies

boss fight
Always hit enemies on the ground (Image: André Leonardo/ Tecnoblog)

When knocking down an enemy it is possible to attack him on the ground by pressing the circle button. This move is useful not only for dealing damage, but for buying time. When attacking an enemy on the ground, other villains usually go about a second without attacking. It seems little, but this time can be enough to get out of the choke when you’re surrounded or even calculate how to hit your next target.

9. Weapons are always useful

fight in the kitchen
Knives and other objects make the difference in combat (Image: Disclosure / Sloclap)

Unlike classics like Final Fight or the recent Streets of Rage 4in which melee weapons are strong, but slow and a little clumsy, in Sifu, whenever you have the possibility to use a weapon, don’t think twice.

Weapons like bats and knives are fast, deal a lot of damage, and break the enemy’s structure bar easily. However, be smart because the same goes for enemies towards you.

10. Use the environment to your advantage

gif fighter kicking chair
Use objects like chairs against enemies (Image: André Leonardo/ Tecnoblog)

In the scenarios, you will see many elements such as bottles, bricks and even furniture that can be used against enemies. Throwing villains from balconies and overhangs is also helpful in getting out of trouble quickly. In fact, some of the game’s trophies involve throwing enemies from specific locations.

11. Avoid being surrounded

Although your character has a good range of moves, it’s important to control the distance and avoid getting surrounded. It’s difficult to dodge attacks from many enemies at once, so your structure and health bars can be drained quickly.

12. Explore scenarios to unlock shortcuts and secrets

There are rooms and shortcuts that cannot be accessed the first time you face a level, however, always try to investigate objects in your path. For example, a certain key found in the fifth stage unlocks a door in the first. Therefore, it is always valid to return to the phases.

13. Accept death, it’s part of life

The last tip in Sifu, is to understand that you will die a lot. Accept this. It is part of learning and experiencing the game. Your character can be revived until age 70. After that it’s game over.

In some situations, you will finish certain stages very old and this can hinder your progression in the following levels. It is recommended to play again to reach the later stages, younger to face the challenges and better understand each scenario.

Sifu It’s a challenging game, but with a little patience, practice and these tips your path will get a little easier.

With information: Sloclap

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