11 hidden features on the 10th generation Kindle for you to discover

O Kindle is a digital book reader developed and marketed by Amazon. Since it was launched in 2007, the e-reader has quickly become popular among regular readers due to the multiple advantages it offers, such as instant access to thousands of works and a long battery life.

Surprisingly, the American company does not stop bringing news and innovations to its consumers with each new version of the device released.

So, in order for you to be on top of everything and increase your reading quality even more with these tools, TecMundo has prepared a list with 11 hidden resources in the 10th generation of Kindle.

Check it out below!

1. Playback of audiobooks

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Audibooks or audiobooks have become very popular in recent years and through the Kindle store you can purchase hundreds of famous titles. However, you must be aware that the e-reader has no audio output, requiring a headphone or speakers to be connected to the Kindle via bluetooth in order to hear them.

2. Dark mode

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Amazon has included dark mode among Kindle features to improve the reading experience in low-light environments. It makes the background black and the letters are highlighted in white. To activate the function, just touch the top of the screen to open the options menu and click on “Dark mode”.

3. Dictionary

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It is very common while reading to come across words that we do not know. That’s why Kindle has a dictionary to make reading easier. With the device connected to a wifi network, you only need to click on a word and wait a few seconds for the definition of the term to appear on your screen.

4. Translator

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The translator is very similar with dictionary functionality and as expected it shows the translation of the word so you might not know the meaning while reading the book in a foreign language. Likewise, to access the resource, it is necessary to be connected to the internet and that the word to be translated is pressed for a few seconds.

5. Text tap

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Everyone has come across a striking phrase from a book or an important passage for their field of study. Well, know that using Kindle you just click on a word and drag to the side until you complete all the part you want to highlight.

6. Notes

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As with the previous resource, the notes are also part of the reading process, as many ideas and reflections may arise. So, if you want to add comments to some part of the text, just click at the top of your screen and then select “Note” from the desired options.

7. Bookmark pages

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Bookmarks serve both to remind people of the page where they left off reading, and places in the book where they want to return to it later in a quick and practical way. This is also available on Kindle and to activate the function you must choose “Bookmark” from the menu.

8. Password lock

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Many people value their privacy on their mobile devices such as computers and cell phones. In the case of Kindle this is no different and the Amazon device offers this option in its settings menu. You can add a numeric code so that only you have access to your book of readings.

9. Print from screen

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Taking screenshots is common and has great functionality for many people. If you want to do this on Kindle, be aware that it is possible to press and hold the start and keyboard keys at the same time. To access your captures, you will need to connect the device to your computer and enter the “Directory” folder. They will be available for use.

10. Cloth rest

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Kindle comes standard with a screen saver that might not suit everyone. But be aware that it is possible to change the image easily by following a few steps.

  1. Enter settings.
  2. Click on “Device Options”.
  3. Activate the “show cover” option.
  4. Choose one of the available options and enjoy your new image!

11. Send files via email

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Another interesting feature that the e-reader offers is the possibility of sending files to the device using only your email. This ends up helping in moments when we don’t have the device in hand but we want to save a reading for another time. To do this, simply attach the file to the message and send it to the address registered in your Kindle account.

Now that you know all these tools, your experience with the digital reader is sure to be even more interesting.

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A device created especially for lovers of reading. The 10th generation Kindle comes with an anti-glare screen and built-in lighting for reading anywhere, anytime.

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