10 Ways to Prevent Pregnancy Naturally

Making the decision to have children is very important to think carefully. Because it’s the same as deciding for your whole heart to walk outside your body forever. “- Elizabeth Stone

In general, newly married couples do not want to have children first. The reasons vary. Want to focus on career, education, not ready, or want to enjoy a time together with a partner.

For this reason, contraception was created. Couples who want to postpone having children can use it. But the side effects of contraception often make people hesitate to use it.

Fortunately, there are a number of natural methods that can be done to prevent pregnancy. Of course the usefulness is not as effective as contraception, but it never hurts to try, right?

Here are some tips or ways to prevent pregnancy naturally without you having to use contraception. Check out the full explanation below!

1. Avoid the ovulation of women


Women can only get pregnant during ovulation. Therefore having sex outside this period is one way to prevent pregnancy. In general, this period lasts for two to seven days.

To avoid this, you can have sex between the 8th day to 20 menstrual cycles. If you are confused about counting, try download it ovulation timer application. For example Friend Fertility, Period Tracker, Flo and others.

2. Avoid ejaculation in the womb

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Another way to prevent pregnancy is to avoid ejaculation in the womb. This can prevent sperm from meeting the egg. Even so, this method is not entirely effective, considering that sperm can still enter the female uterus.

3. Consuming papaya

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Papaya is proven to be able to help prevent unwanted pregnancy. Try consuming the fruit twice a day for three to four days after intercourse.

This effect does not only apply to women. Eating papaya can reduce sperm count in men.

4. Using ginger root

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Ginger is a plant that can speed up menstruation so that it can delay pregnancy. Experts recommend that women drink two cups of ginger tea per day for two to five days for menstruation immediately. This drink is best taken after unprotected intercourse.

5. Eating dried apricots

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Apricots are fruits that can prevent fertilization after sperm enters the uterus. You can eat directly or make drinks from it.

You do this by mixing 100 grams of dried apricots and two tablespoons of honey to a glass of water. Boil the mixture for 20 minutes, then drink it. Consumption of this peach-like fruit a day after intercourse until menstruation begins.

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6. Consume parsley

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Just like ginger, parsley can accelerate menstruation in women. This plant is proven safe for consumption without any side effects.

You can make parsley potion at home. Just mix some parsley leaves with tea to make it taste better.

7. Consuming cinnamon

10 Ways to Prevent Pregnancy Naturally Without Contraceptionorganicfacts.net

Cinnamon is one of the spices that are often found in the kitchen. Consumption of cinnamon can stimulate the uterus to shed into menstruation. But these effects will only be felt if you consume them in high doses.

The trick is to pound three to four sticks of cinnamon until smooth, then mix with warm water. Drink it every day until menstruation.

8. Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is not recommended for women who are pregnant because it can cause miscarriage. Conversely, if you want to postpone pregnancy, you can consume it.

This is because vitamin C is able to increase the hormone estrogen so the hormone progesterone which causes pregnancy will decrease. You can take vitamin C supplements with levels of 1500 mg per day after sexual intercourse.

9. Consuming wild carrot seed drinks

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Queen Anne’s lace or wild carrot seeds have been used since ancient times. This herbal medicine from India is effective in stopping the process of fertilization of the egg.

You can consume it in two ways. First by eating it directly. The second way is to mash until smooth and mix it with water. Consumption regularly for a week.

10. Check basic body temperature or basal body temperature

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Basic body temperature is the lowest body temperature that can be measured when you wake up or before you move. When menstruation is over, start recording it every day.

When your body temperature rises, it’s a sign that your ovulation has begun. Avoid sexual intercourse during this time.

There are several ways to prevent pregnancy after intercourse naturally. You must remember that this natural method or step is not entirely effective. But for prevention, you can try it. Hope it can be useful!

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