10 tips to improve on FIFA 21

As expected, the FIFA 21 brought several new features in terms of gameplay and new mechanics, which made the title more similar to real games and even after some time after its release, the game was one of the most downloaded games in March on PSN.

In addition, it recently arrived at the Xbox Game Pass, increasing the number of players and demanding more and more of those who want to venture with Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and company.

To help you in this endeavor, TecMundo has separated 10 tips to improve in FIFA 21 and crush your opponents in any game mode. Check out:

How to perform well in FIFA 21

1. Improve your defensive skills

One of the best tips we can give you is to improve your defensive skills. That’s because the FIFA 21 is a very busy game, which has increased dribbling possibilities and speed compared to the previous ones. Eliminating spaces by keeping defenders in position and covering mistakes is a great way to avoid taking those goals where only your goalkeeper is left to defend.

To do this, you can swap the position of the marker with the right analog stick pointing to the one that is most ready to take the ball. And beware of the boats: just try to disarm the opposing player by pressing at the right time.

2. Learn all possible dribbles and adapt your game

Dribbling is essential to breaking the lines of defense and increasing your chances of scoring. EA team added new commands to dribble, from simple and fast movements, to more elaborate ones that require a sequence of buttons.

Research how the commands work and use the training available in the game itself. Then adapt your game with a dribbling strategy, such as advancing on the sides or in the middle, depending on which is most effective.

3. Use a formation with two wheels

Many professional players felt that training with two defensive midfielders is much more effective in FIFA 21, mainly by covering more spaces with two midfielders who have better skills to take the ball and pull a counterattack.

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It’s a tip that can work very well for those who haven’t honed their fencing skills and getting the ball. If you end up losing the attack, you’ll have two more steering wheels to save you.

4. Go beyond default settings

Many players configure only the basics and fail to use many useful changes that the game itself makes available to us. So always customize your tactics and formations before and during matches. Especially if you want to give special referrals to your best players or know what your team’s main need is.

5. Know your team’s players

This may be a tip that many ignore, but it’s never enough to give enough importance to knowing your players. So, spend some time accessing the information of your main holders, see which ones have the most dribbling skill and what are your strengths and weaknesses. It can help you a lot to know this during matches.

6. Analyze your own game and make substitutions

Self-criticizing your playing style can be difficult, especially for those who don’t know everything about FIFA, but it’s good to always spot mistakes and train to leave them behind. For example, if you miss a lot of infiltrations, you can train your patience to pass at the right moment or risk more passes over the top to avoid counterattacks.

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Another interesting tip is to call a friend of yours who plays well FIFA 21 for a match. Then ask him to tell you how he sees your game, this will give you a lot of ideas about what you need to improve.

7. Train corners

After an unusual imbalance in some past games, EA has corrected the ease of making headers from corners.

Naturally, many players started to neglect corners. However, it can be a very good weapon if you explore correctly. So, practice the corners a lot in the practice area and find the best space to find tall players and head.

8. Use the new creative racing tool

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At the FIFA 21 there are specific commands for the call “creative run” that help give more dynamism to the movement of players you don’t control. For example, ask a teammate to get rid of tagging with L1/LB and ask him to move to a safer passing option with R1/RB.

9. Perfect your ball control and use agile driving

Ball control tends to change a lot from one FIFA to another. Spend time adjusting to the timing of the ball and controlling your players. Use the novelty of the “agile driving” keeping the R1/RB pressed and the left analog stick to hold the ball closer to the player and move away from the defenders in “head to head” situations.

10. Use some attacking players to score

One of the options that can help you defend is to give instructions to your attacking players, such as going back to score, where a specific player on your team automatically moves out of position to help defend.

A tip is to use this instruction for your tips help the sides. It’s a good strategy especially when using two steering wheels, after all, you increase the block in the middle and on the sides.

Like our tips to improve in FIFA 21? Tell us in the comments which one you found coolest.

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