10 science fiction films that predicted the future

The science fiction genre has always been present in cinema in a fascinating way for audiences. Its limitless possibilities show viewers things beyond their imagination. However, from time to time, these films are able to settle aspects of reality that are ahead of their times.

So, watch 10 science fiction films that predicted the future!

10. The Avenger of the Future (1990)

(Columbia Pictures / Reproduction)(Columbia Pictures / Reproduction)Source: Columbia Pictures

Most fans must remember The future Avenger for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s trip to Mars. The film, which takes place in 2084, got it right with the memorable sequence in which the actor enters a car chase using a “Johnny Cab”, a taxi that he drives alone. Autonomous cars have not yet become really popular, but it is safe to assume that, in the next decade, this scenario will become reality.

9. Blade Runner (1982)

(Warner Bros. Pictures / Reproduction)(Warner Bros. Pictures / Reproduction)Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Ridley Scott’s noir sci-fi masterpiece, Blade Runner, is an impressive vision of the future that, at that time, was 2019.

When thinking about the stunning look of the film, it’s hard not to think about those digital billboards that fill the dystopian horizon. Nowadays, these panels are used frequently for advertising in large cities.

8. Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

(Lucasfilm / Reproduction)(Lucasfilm / Reproduction)Source: Lucasfilm

In case of Star Warssurprisingly, it looks like the lightsabers will soon be something of the real world. However, the use of holograms in the film was more impactful. The famous holographic message from Princess Leia played by R2-D2 paved the way for deceased celebrities to perform shows like holograms, for example.

7. In the World of 2020 (1973)

(MGM / Reproduction)(MGM / Reproduction)Source: MGM

In the World of 2020 tells the story of a future in which overcrowding and overpopulation created a shortage of resources, including food.

Although the film shows the world in a catastrophic state that certainly looks dramatic compared to our current society, it deals with a global threat that is a very modern concern. Part of the reason why the world’s resources are unstable is global warming and climate change, an idea that was not commonly discussed at the time.

6. Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

(Universal Pictures / Reproduction)(Universal Pictures / Reproduction)Source: Universal Pictures

Based on Ray Bradbury’s famous novel, Fahrenheit 451 it tells the dystopian story of a society in which literature was banned and enforcement agents are charged with burning all books.

Although there is probably a lot that can be said about how literature is appreciated these days, the film has managed to envision a piece of technology that has become extremely common in everyday life. The film refers to them as “thimble radios”, but the item is very similar to the headphones used today.

5. Metropolis (1927)

(Universum Film / Reproduction)(Universum Film / Reproduction)Source: Universum Film

Metropolis it is seen as one of the most influential science fiction films of all time. It shows an inventor character who creates a robotic humanoid.

Robots have always been a common feature in the science fiction genre, and this 1927 work is probably a great precedent for that. It also encouraged scientists to work to recreate these inventions over the years, to the point that they are now used by companies, including some real-life examples of human-looking androids.

4. Escape from the 23rd Century (1976)

(Warner Bros. Pictures / Reproduction)(Warner Bros. Pictures / Reproduction)Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

23rd Century Escape it presents a society that lives in a utopia where technology aims to make life as simple as possible.

One of the most notable aspects is the house that responds to its owner’s commands, turning on the lights, playing music and asking for food. Nowadays, this is quite common for people with smart home technology.

3. Trip to the Moon (1902)

(BMF Studios / Reproduction)(BMF Studios / Reproduction)Source: BMF Studios

Trip to the moon, by French filmmaker Georges Méliès, was a pioneering film in the use of special effects. Because it emerged so early in the history of cinema, it is very impressive that it was also able to look to the future.

He used the new visual medium to imagine a reality in which humans could travel to the moon in a rocket. Even though the short film showed it in a very funny way, it is still incredible that it has come true.

2. The Daredevil (1992)

(Warner Bros. Pictures / Reproduction)(Warner Bros. Pictures / Reproduction)Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

The film stars Sylvester Stallone as a police officer who was cryogenically frozen until the year 2032 to hunt down a person from his past.

The work gained a new look during the Covid-19 pandemic due to the mysterious similarities between its imagined future and life in confinement. Everything from a society that avoids handshakes to toilet paper that is no longer available.

1. 2001 – A Space Odyssey (1968)

(MGM / Reproduction)(MGM / Reproduction)Source: MGM

2001: A Space Odyssey it starts in prehistoric times, but as soon as it reaches the future, the current audience can notice many recognizable things.

While commercial space travel is still being planned, the most acclaimed science fiction of all time also shows tablets and video calls being used. Obviously, the film’s most famous technology is the HAL 9000, an artificial intelligence computer that turns into a killer. Fortunately, modern AI helpers like Alexa and Siri are much more friendly.

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