10 reasons to watch The Mandalorian on Disney +

Rescuing the universe Star Wars today, the series The Mandalorian, from Disney +, presents itself to science fiction fans with an epic plot, full of engaging elements, charismatic characters and very pertinent conflicts.

Headed by Jon Favreau and starred by Pedro Pascal, the production was quite successful among streaming subscribers and continues to conquer new audiences. Season 2 ends only on December 18, but all episodes released so far are available in the catalog to be enjoyed at any time.

There are several reasons that can confirm the quality of the production. So, feel invited, with this list, to give a chance to this series derived from Star Wars.

Check out 10 reasons to watch The Mandalorian right now on Disney streaming.

1. The grand universe of Star Wars

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First of all, it needs to be said: you don’t have to be a big fan of Star Wars or have watched absolutely every film in the franchise to start venturing through episodes of The Mandalorian.

One of the producers’ tasks was precisely to be able to attract new audiences. In fact, many critics have claimed that the series is one of the best released since The Empire Strikes Back (1980).

And, of course, if there’s one thing that can transport people to a very distant galaxy these days, it’s Disney + production.

2. Nostalgia

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The creative team The Mandalorian was very careful and judicious in knowing how to reference everything available related to Star Wars throughout the episodes. The intention was to treat everything in an innovative way. In this way, the same techniques that George Lucas used in the past have been refined and applied to the series. We have animatronics, puppets, transitions and as few visual effects as possible.

3. Jon Favreau

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Director Jon Favreau has a curriculum full of outstanding productions for cinema, like the first two films of the Iron Man, from Marvel, and the recent live-action versions of Mogli and The Lion King. With an interesting dynamism in his performance as a showrunner, The Mandalorian I couldn’t have a better person to command everything that is seen by the spectators.

4. Baby Yoda

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One of the most amazing and beloved characters in the universe Star Wars is Yoda, with all its teachings and mannerisms. He came back in The Mandalorian, but in an even more cute and kind way. Baby Yoda ended up winning the audience and adding many conflicts to the series plot.

One of the highlights of the plot is the relationship built between him and the protagonist, which has an extremely captivating bond.

5. Setting

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When George Lucas created Star Wars, with all its references and influences, a new type of aesthetics was developed. In addition to the public seeing the technology in a certain degree of degradation, there was the popularization of what became known as Western Space.

The Mandalorian uses this same aesthetic setting for the composition of his narrative and works new elements in his favor.

6. Visual effects

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As much as the series has a great interest in exploring inventive techniques used in the early days of the franchise, there are some really innovative visual effects. The team used real-time rendering during filming, and the results were magnificent. In addition, all of these effects are very well managed in action sequences.

7. Soundtrack

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The songs in the series really help the story to be told. They may not have been composed by the legendary composer John Williams, but somehow, there is a significant influence on all of them. Swedish composer Ludwig Goransson is responsible for the compositions of the series.

8. Cast and characters

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The cast of the series has very competent names, such as Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, Gina Carano, Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte. The characters are constructed through several interesting nuances; it is the case of the protagonist, who has a certain duality in his personality, adding many layers that can be recognized with the public. And even though they haven’t all been officially part of the franchise throughout the films, their belonging to the universe of the plot is undeniable.

9. The protagonist

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In addition, the protagonist, also known as Din Djarin, is a bounty hunter who will do anything to ensure that his goals are achieved. For that, it doesn’t matter what the challenges will be. His dialogues are extremely iconic and his purposes make the viewer buy the story.

10. Only two seasons

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With an infinite amount of content available on streaming platforms, shorter series end up being more inviting. The Mandalorian it has only two seasons released so far, with a very well developed storyline throughout the episodes.

In fact, only two are left to close the 2nd season. Be sure to check it out.

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