10 reasons to fall for the Xiaomi 11T 5G (not to mention the scooter as a gift)

Combining state-of-the-art components with a sophisticated design, the 11T 5G is Xiaomi’s new star smartphone. If its sumptuous screen and its photo-video equipment seduce at first glance, this device conceals many other assets to convince, starting with its introductory offer.

Last September, Xiaomi unveiled its new flagship, the 11T 5G, a premium smartphone running Android 11 and MIUI 12.5, equipped with the latest technologies, for an unbeatable price. This device has quite simply incredible equipment which opens up attractive prospects in terms of functionality and use.

Currently on pre-order, the 11T benefits from an equally exceptional introductory offer. For any smartphone purchase, a Mi Electric Scooter Essential is offered. Never seen ! But be careful, you have to act quickly to benefit from it, this offer is only valid until October 11 and within the limit of the first 7,000 registrants. In the meantime, if that wasn’t enough for you, here are 10 solid arguments to let yourself be tempted by the new Xiaomi 11T.

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For its large and superb last generation screen

For its 11T, Xiaomi opted for a large 6.67-inch AMOLED flat screen. This technology guarantees deep blacks, exceptional contrast and a maximum high brightness of 1000 nits which guarantees perfect readability even outdoors. This Full HD + panel also includes the functions essential to the comfort of your eyes: a 3.0 reading mode to read on your screen like a book, without the harmful effects of blue light, or even a 360-degree light sensor so that the Your screen’s brightness adjusts perfectly to suit your surroundings. Finally, capable of displaying more than a billion colors, this screen has HDR10 + certification. What sublimate the display of your photos and videos.

For the high refresh rate of its panel

Like the most high-end smartphones on the market, the 11T’s screen benefits from a refresh rate capable of displaying up to 120 frames per second. A feature that ensures increased visual comfort, thanks to an extreme fluidity of navigation, ideal for certain uses, such as games for example. The advantage with the 11T is that this is a 120 Hz frequency of the AdaptiveSync type. The screen can thus switch back to the classic 60Hz when the use does not require a high frequency, when consulting a Web page, for example. The best of techno, without its disadvantages, since the autonomy of the smartphone will be preserved.

xiaomi 11T

For its excellent 108 MP photo sensor

Equipped with a triple camera module, the 11T benefits from an exceptional main lens opening at f / 1.75 and benefiting from a 7p lens. It is associated with a 108 MP high resolution sensor designed by Samsung and which has proven its worth. Thanks to its pixel-binning technology, this module merges nine pixels into one (large size: 2.1 microns) to capture more light. As a result, photos are rich in detail and sharper, even when the light is lacking. As a reinforcement, Xiaomi further improves its night mode and its image processing in general thanks to artificial intelligence.

For the versatility and quality of its camera equipment

In addition to its solid 108 MP main sensor, Xiaomi also relies on the versatility of the camera equipment to convince. Thus, the 11T has an ultra wide angle lens, associated with an 8MP sensor and a telemacro x2 lens, associated with a 5 MP sensor. With its 120-degree field of view and f / 2.2 aperture, the former will be useful for taking landscape or group shots, while the latter will shine in the area of ​​snapshot microscopic details with autofocus. from 3 to 7cm. The telemacro camera also makes it possible to film: the opportunity to discover an unsuspected miniature world. Finally, on the front, Xiaomi integrates a 16 MP camera for successful selfies and unlocking by facial recognition in addition to the fingerprint sensor.

For its 5000 mAh battery and ultra-fast 67W charging

Not only does the 11T have a very high capacity 5000 mAh battery that gives it solid endurance, but it also benefits from a function that allows it to recover all its autonomy in a flash. The 11T’s 67W wired turbo charge, supported by the 67W charger included in the box, gives the smartphone an ability that will make those around you green with envy: the possibility of fully recharging an empty battery in just 36 minutes. There is hardly that the big brother of the 11T which is able to do better, breaking all records. It only takes 17 minutes for the 11T Pro and its 120W HyperCharge to recover 100% of autonomy.

Discover the Xiaomi 11T Pro

For its powerful processor, energy efficient

For its operation, the 11T relies on a latest generation processor, the Dimensity 1200-Ultra from MediaTek. Engraved in 6 nanometers, this high-frequency chip, capable of competing with the most efficient on the market, offers both great power and improved energy efficiency thanks to 4 low-consumption cores. This processor, clocked at up to 3 GHz for the 4 high-performance cores, is coupled with an overpowered Mali G77 graphics chipset (9 cores up to 886 MHz) which gives the smartphone in particular good video game skills. Beyond an integrated 5G modem which gives the 11T access to very high mobile speed, the Dimension 1200-Ultra brings to the smartphone a first-rate artificial intelligence, useful for photography and supports latest generation connectivity. There again, there is hardly that the Snapdragon 888 of Qualcomm, integrated in the 11T Pro which can overshadow it!


For its trendy connectivity

With the 11T, Xiaomi offers the user state-of-the-art connectivity capable of competing with those found on the most high-end smartphones. Beyond its 5G compatibility, the device also supports the latest generation Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 in addition to NFC, for payments with its mobile. It will thus be possible to interconnect it with the most recent tech equipment (boxes, connected products, etc.). The connection of the 11T is not left out with a USB-Type C port and a dual nano SIM slot to manage two lines. The device also offers two stereo speakers and a fingerprint reader on the edge.

For its polished, beautiful and resistant design

Despite its incredible equipment and huge screen, the 11T remains thin with its 8.8mm thickness. At the heart of its case sits the flat screen, particularly highlighted thanks to its ultra-thin, very discreet borders, which provide a beautiful display area of ​​85%. With such a screen, we appreciate all the more the Gorilla Glass Victus protection, the latest to date designed by Corning and the most effective against scratches or accidental drops. The glass back of the smartphone has also received much attention. Available in three colors, it offers two different textures. The Lunar White and Celestial Blue models feature a tempered anti-reflective finish while the Comet Gray version offers a brushed metal finish. Something to satisfy all tastes.


For its high capacity memory

In its basic version, the 11T is offered in 128 GB of storage space and 8 GB of RAM. These latest generation components – UFS 3.1 for storage and LPDDR4X for RAM -, coupled with the powerful processor, will boost multitasking activities and all types of use, especially those related to games, photos, videos and multimedia content in general. Better, for just 30 euros extra, Xiaomi gives you the possibility of doubling the internal memory of the smartphone to go to 256 GB. What more could you ask for?

For its video functions worthy of cinematographic scenes

In addition to shocking photo equipment, the Xiaomi 11T relies on unparalleled video functions to give your most classic filmed sequences an air of cinema scenes. The opportunity for you to shoot your clips like a real pro, thanks to breathtaking automatic effects assisted by One-Click IA. It is thus possible to access a vertigo effect (or Hitchcock zoom), a “magic zoom” which consists in keeping a static character in the foreground while rapidly zooming in or out of the background. A clone mode is also available, very funny, to split the subject of the same scene. Thanks to three microphones integrated into the 11T body, the audio zoom mode also delivers particularly striking sound effects. Capable of filming in 4K, the camera also offers a slow motion mode (1080p at 120fps) and an accelerated mode. Note that in terms of video playback, HDR10 + is supported and the smartphone speakers support Dolby Atmos.

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