10 pop stars who acted in Hollywood movies

Contrary to what many people think, pop stars who are successful in music are not always limited to just that. From time to time, they end up expanding their horizons and migrate to another artistic medium: the world of cinema.

As proof, we’ve separated ten pop artists who went out in search of success in major Hollywood film productions. Check out!

10. Rihanna in Eight Women and a Secret

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The singer, despite being missing from the music industry, has had great success with Fenty Beauty, her cosmetics brand. In addition, Rihanna has also participated in successful films, such as the most recent Guava Island, in which he stars opposite Donald Glover, but the highlight of his audiovisual career continues to be in Eight Women and a Secret, 2018.

9. Nick Jonas on Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

(Source: TriStar/Disclosure)(Source: TriStar/Disclosure)Source:  TriStar

The singer started his musical career at a very young age and was accompanied by his brothers, but ended up following his solo project and even participated in great movie successes.

The biggest example is the movies of Jumanji, so much the Welcome to the Jungle (2017) as the Next phase (2019), the sequence, in which it played a prominent role.

8. Selena Gomez in the dead don’t die

(Source: Focus/Disclosure)(Source: Focus/Disclosure)Source:  Focus

Considered one of the greatest pop singers today, Selena Gomez was part of many people’s childhoods when she starred in works like Wizards of Waverly Place and Protection program for princesses with Demi Lovato.

However, now she has turned to more serious projects and the dead don’t die is proof of this, an apocalyptic film that satirizes discussions like death and life.

7. Harry Styles in Dunkirk

(Source: Warner Bros/Disclosure)(Source: Warner Bros./Disclosure)Source:  Warner

One of the members of One Direction, boy group which is still a worldwide success, went solo and soon after ended up joining the cast of Dunkirk, a serious war-themed story and winner of three Oscar statuettes in 2018.

Despite having more projects planned to reach the cinema, the feat achieved by Harry Styles is incredible even for one of the biggest pop artists of today.

6. Zoe Kravitz in Divergent

(Source: Lionsgate/Disclosure)(Source: Lionsgate/Disclosure)Source:  Lionsgate

the next Cat Woman of cinema has a collection of impressive films and series to its credit so far, including Big Little Lies, in which he stars opposite Shailene Woodley and Nicole Kidman, and the franchise Divergent.

The film, based on the book series of the same name, is a dystopian fiction filled with action and tense moments for those who enjoy the apocalyptic genre.

5. Gwen Stefani in the aviator

(Source: Warner Bros/Disclosure)(Source: Warner Bros./Disclosure)Source:  Warner

The singer and current technician of The Voice, a program in which she participates alongside her husband Blake Shelton, manages to go further and also be a success in Hollywood productions.

In the aviator, the artist showed that she can also act when interacting with Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett, renowned names in audiovisual, without being overshadowed at any time.

4. Taylor Swift in The Giver of Memories

(Source: Paris Filmes/Publishing)(Source: Paris Filmes/Publishing)Source:  Paris

The most recent Grammy winner for Album of the Year in 2021 and named Artist of the Decade by the American Music Awards, she is already established as one of the greatest pop singers today.

However, her talent has already shown to go even further when she participated in the film The Giver of Memories in the role of the mysterious Rosemary. With a project in mind with David O. Russell, it’s clear Taylor Swift’s Hollywood career isn’t over.

3. Justin Timberlake on The social network

(Source: Columbia Pictures/Disclosure)(Source: Columbia Pictures/Disclosure)Source:  Columbia Pictures

The social network is known for the impressive performance of Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, but Timberlake’s appearance as Sean Parker leaves nothing to be desired.

The singer has participated in other productions before, including the comedy Colorful friendship, in which she works with Mila Kunis, but her role in The Social Network it is by far the highlight of his Hollywood career (until then).

2. Jennifer Lopez in the scammers

(Source: STX/Disclosure)(Source: STX/Disclosure)Source:  STX

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know Lopez’s name in the entertainment industry, after all, she’s one of the biggest pop stars of all time as she alternates between singing, acting and dancing.

In the scammers, from 2019, she shows these last two traits very well by bringing to life a stripper who applies scams to her clients, all based on a true story.

1. Lady Gaga in a star is born

(Source: Warner Bros/Disclosure)(Source: Warner Bros./Disclosure)Source:  Warner

The singer, not satisfied with winning only Grammys for her music career, decided to expand her horizons to audiovisual and Oscar, even being nominated for Best Actress.

The rereading of the classic a star is born, in which she stars opposite Bradley Cooper, proves that Gaga has even greater potential than the world already knew.

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