10 movie stars who hated each other in the movies

For those who like drama, this content is a must. In this case, off-screen drama. Hollywood bullshit moves behind the scenes of film productions and sometimes leaks out so that we mere mortals can have fun seeing that great movie actors and actresses are also people like us.

In this list, you’ll find out which famous actors and actresses hated their fellow filmmakers. Check out the movies with the biggest bullshit cast in Hollywood history!

1. Fast and furious


Although Dwayne’s character “The Rock” Johnson is a favorite of fans of Fast and furious since its first appearance, it seems that the memories with Vin Diesel are not good. The actor even made a post on Instagram complaining about the “technique” of his colleague. Among the compliments, there was even “** sweet”. Johnson has stated that there are scenes where he appears not to be acting and, in fact, he is not.

After the crap, The Rock decided not to go back to the movies with Diesel, and that’s how the spin-off came about. Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, with the franchise taking advantage of his character in a side story with Jason Statham.

two. Diary of a passion

The Disclosure

Considered a classic among fans of the genre, the film was a torment for stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Ryan even asked the director, Nick Cassavetes, to star opposite another actress in Off during the couple scenes.

Cassavetes got the two of them to talk and it worked: not only did the film come out, but the couple engaged in an affair between 2005 and 2007.

3. Romeo + Juliet

The reproduction

The film starring Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio also had tension between the main couple. Danes called DiCaprio immature and Léo said the actress needed to be less tense. There are rumors that, due to the disagreement, Danes has given up on starring Titanic.

4. The Panthers (2000)

bg Columbia Pictures/Disclosure

According to a production assistant, established actor Bill Murray rewrote some scenes from The Panthers not telling anyone — according to him, to make it better. This made Lucy Liu, still a newbie, angry. Murray then humiliated her, saying that she was a television actress and that the movie was “professional”. Lucy yelled some expletives and that was it.

5. Apocalypse Now

hopper Getty Images/Reproduction

The story features veteran Marlon Brando and a young, flamboyant Dennis Hopper. The two almost exchanged punches after a misunderstanding, in which Brando understood that he had been criticized by Hopper for not having read the script. Since then, Brando has refused to shoot any scenes with Hopper. Sad, since the actor had only accepted the role to star opposite the star of The Godfather.

6. critical moment

The reproduction

Steven Seagal is known in Hollywood for being a “handleless suitcase”. During the rehearsals of the film critical moment, his typical way made John Leguizamo die of laughter. Seagal then gave the actor an Aikido blow, putting him against the wall until he was out of breath.

7. Annapolis

fvv Touchstone Pictures/Reproduction

James Franco decided to take his acting method seriously and really punched Tyrese Gibson during the recordings. Franco even apologized, but Gibson said he won’t work with him again.

8. Daring Dealers (The Man from Hong Kong)

aphd Disclosure

The film’s star, Taiwanese actor and director Jimmy Wang Yu, didn’t get along with virtually anyone in the cast. While shooting a romantic scene with Rebecca Gilling, he pretended he had eaten live flies before kissing her.

9. What Happened to Baby Jane?

yy Disclosure

One of the most famous fights in Hollywood, portrayed in the series feud, starred Joan Crawford and Betty Davis. First Joan got pregnant, dimming the spotlight on Davis’ first big role. She later married the man Betty wanted and, to top it off, won the Oscar for the role Betty turned down.

Later, the two were invited to co-star in Robert Aldrich’s film. The result was a success in which the actresses actually injured themselves on set and even ripped each other’s clothes off on purpose.

10. my best enemy

yyy reproduction

Werner Herzog’s documentary tells of his troubled relationship with actor Klaus Kinski. They made five films together and in Aguirre, the Wrath of the Gods, natives who participated in the filming even offered to kill Kinski — which Herzog refused, as he needed to finish shooting the film.

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