10 most anticipated horror movies of 2022

Horror and suspense are genres that never stop having fans, whether they watch to get scared or because of all the psychological tension throughout history.

As every year is full of great works, we went ahead and prepared a list of the best horror movies to be released in 2022. Now organize your schedule to watch them all!

10. Wendell and Wild

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source:  Netflix

Although the film still doesn’t have a defined release date, the public is hoping for the animation to reach Netflix as early as 2022.

Directed by Henry Selick, the same person responsible for the classic Coraline, Wendell and Wild focuses on the adventures of two demon brothers, voiced by Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, who must face their arch enemies: Sister Helly and the teenagers who always accompany her.

9. They Hear It

(Source: IMDb/Reproduction)(Source: IMDb/Reproduction)Source:  IMDb

Based on a short film of the same name, the story follows different characters who listen to O Som, an evil presence that starts to haunt anyone who listens to it.

The 2022 date is an open estimate, as production is still under development, but they hear it is by far one of the most awaited horror movies!

8. Firestarter

(Source: Universal/Disclosure)(Source: Universal/Disclosure)Source:  Universal

Based on the Stephen King story of the same name, the work stars Ryan Kiera Armstrong and Zac Efron. The story revolves around a character who has the ability to create fire for no apparent reason.

The production is actually a remake of the movie released in 1984, titled Revenge Flames in Brazil. Fans are eager to see how the classic will be adapted to the present day.

7. The Crooked Man

(Source: Warner Bros/Disclosure)(Source: Warner Bros/Disclosure)Source:  Warner

Regarded as one of the most adored spirits by the public since the release of Evil Invocation 2, considered the best in the franchise, the spin-off should better develop the story of the haunted toy capable of creating disturbing projections.

The production has been in development for a long time and has gained a lot of public attention due to the fact that it is a derivation of The Conjuring.

6. The Black Phone

(Source: Universal/Disclosure)(Source: Universal/Disclosure)Source:  Universal

The innovative premise of the film is what has generated the most expectation: a character, when kidnapped, tries to escape from the kidnapper through the voices of dead people that are transmitted through a black telephone, as the title suggests.

Based on a short story by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, the production is set to be released on January 28, 2022.

5. Dark Harvest

(Source: IMDb/Reproduction)(Source: IMDb/Reproduction)Source:  IMDb

Starring Emyri Crutchfield and Casey Likes, the film is set to premiere on September 9, 2022, although shooting hasn’t even started yet.

The work tells the story of a small town that is terrorized by a creature called October Boy and the public’s anxiety is to see how it will be adapted to the cinemas, since it is part of a book of the same name.

4. Nope

(Source: Universal/Disclosure)(Source: Universal/Disclosure)Source:  Universal

After directing two big horror movies — Run! and We “Jordan Peele has come up with a mysterious next project. Nothing is known about the history of nope, but fans speculate that it has a tone of racial conscience, as in the previous works, but combined with a hint of comedy.

The cast features Daniel Kaluuya (Run!), Keke Palmer (the scammers) and Steven Yeun (Minari).

3. Morbius

(Source: Marvel/Disclosure)(Source: Marvel/Disclosure)Source:  Marvel

After being put off for so long, morbius it’s finally set to premiere in January 2022. Starring Jared Leto, the production fuses superhero and vampire themes, leaving audiences looking forward to what’s to come.

The trailer showed a dark tone and that made the expectation even greater.

2. Halloween Ends

(Source: Universal/Disclosure)(Source: Universal/Disclosure)Source:  Universal

The last volume of the trilogy halloween comes to an end on October 14, 2022. According to David Gordon Green, director of the series, the conclusion will be far more personal than the action-packed previous film.

Therefore, the final battle between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers should bring out great emotions.

1. Panic 5 (Scream)

(Source: Woods Entertainment/Publishing)(Source: Woods Entertainment/Publishing)Source:  Woods Entertainment

Ten years after the release of Panic 4, a new film in the franchise will be released that will feature several names from the original cast, including Sidney, Dewey and Gale.

This will be the first work in the series not to be directed by Wes Craven, but even so, audiences are highly anxious for what might result from this reunion.

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